Rich Haas

(425) 336-4080

Rich Haas has over 20 years of experience in the international moving industry, and has been at Rainier since 1999.  What makes Rich tick?  Being able to meet people from many different countries and having a large network of agents and vendors who help him get information quickly for his clients.

Rich understands that timely information can help ease the stress of relocating overseas.  Rich remembers being stressed just moving across the hall in college, so he feels great when he can move someone to the other side of the globe stress free. In Rich’s spare time, he enjoys being outdoors with his wife and 2 sons, and attending his kids’ Taekwondo events, swim practices, and school events.  Rich, also a long distance runner, recently completed 2 marathons in a 3 week period.

If you are planning an international move, Rich offers the following advice:
“There are many tips for moving but the best one is to get comparison quotes and to ask a lot of questions. Someone with knowledge in this field should be able to help you understand every part of your move with crystal clarity. You need to have the feeling that everything you own is in good hands.”