Richard Schlegel

(425) 336-1960

Richard brings over 25 years of international moving experience to his clients and has been with Rainier Overseas Movers, Inc. for over 20 years.

What makes Richard tick? Staying up on industry trends, and figuring out creative routing solutions, that save his clients time and money.

When he’s not working, Richard enjoys spending time with his wife, entertaining friends, traveling and gardening. He recently spent time in Korea visiting his son, who is teaching English to students there. While in Korea he especially enjoyed eating raw fish for breakfast!

If you are planning an international move, Richard offers the following advice:
“It’s important for the customer to research the Customs “do’s and dont’s” for the country they are moving to a few months before they move. They should always contact the Consulate of that country to get the very latest rules and regulations. Most countries do not allow food, alcohol, guns, and trophy mounts.

Also, there are a lot of “internet” shipping companies with impressive web pages. Customer BEWARE!!! Internet shipping companies are sometimes scammers. ALWAYS check out the shipping company you are dealing with before sending them any money!!!

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