Moving to Bulgaria

Moving to Bulgaria

StatusNon- Diplomat- Copy of residence permit, ID card for long or permanent stay in BG
- Company confirmation of employment or
copy of work contract, for students art.
693., signed and stamped by the company
- renting contract
- Copy of passport including page with stamp from the border entering BG
.- Power of Attorney, stamped by the
Notary in Bulgaria
- Inventory list in Bulgarian language.
- Detailed and valued list of antiques, paintings and electrical items /for value items photos attached, please/.
- UN short term employees: company confirmation from the IMF or Police, copy of customs declaration stamped at the border of Bulgaria.
- Foreigners which plan to become permanent residents in BG need visa “D” and they pay a deposit until they get their ID card.
- Foreigners that do not have ID card prepare a declaration for their obligation to apply for ID card notary stamped
- Foreigner which will live permanent in BG need a copy of company registration and copy of doc. For the property they have bought in BG
- If the client is with his family than we need copy of their passports and decl for their marital status. The spouses also should have Bulg. ID card for long stay.
- Copy of passport /with copies of the pages which shows the term of stay in BG/
- Copy of ID card
- Confirmation from the company that shipper’s employment is over
- Notarised Power of Attorney
- Import documents confirmed by customs if available, separate list for antiques, paintings, CD’s and electrical items.
- Inventory list in Bulgarian.
- Invoices for new bought items during the stay in Bulgaria and cert for antigues, paintings bought in BG
Diplomat- Declaration of the Embassy, confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
- Inventory list in Bulgarian language.
- Power of Attorney from the Embassy.
- In case of office supplies an invoice is needed.
- Copy of passport and card edited from
MFA in BG.
- Embassy confirmation that shipper’s employment is over in Bulgaria.
- Import declaration with PL
- Power of Attorney
- Packing list prepared.
- Copy passport and copy dipl card
- Copy of national passport /with copy of the page with a stamp from the border at the date of crossing border/
- Copy of Bulgarian ID card
- Declaration, which shows if the client is single or married, with children
- Doc for rent or possession of property in
- Company confirmation of employment in foreign country or copy of work contract or copy of salary slip, doc for sold property or doc for closing rental contract
- In case of death: certificate of death and certificate of inheritance.
- In case of marriage: certificate of marriage.
- Invoices for new goods bought abroad/duties are required
- Notarised Power of Attorney

Duty free import:

Foreigners working for USAID of US Peace Corps have the right to import / export their goods duty  free  based  on  Government  agreement,  State   newspaper  No.  14/1999  and  No. 57/20.05.1998.


All documents have to be written in Bulgarian on the company letter head and should be signed and stamped. Power of attorney and declaration for editing ID card has to be stamped by notary.

Residence  Permit:

Copy of the page with address registration is required! Expiration date is important. Customs place is where the client is registered according to his ID card.

Copy of passport:

Also include the page showing the date of entry into Bulgaria /for import/ and date of departure in case of export

Notarised Power of Attorney

Document stating that what company will perform the clearance of the personal effects and is authorized to handle in name of the client. This letter has to be in Bulgarian and the signature must be verified by a notary. Foreigners need a translator or a notary that speak their language.

Detailed inventory list of antiques and electrical items

The contents of the detailed list should be:

  • Antiques need a permission of Ministry of Culture – 17 “Stambolisky”,Blvd., contact phone 987 6881 – musical Instruments, furniture, wall clocks, sewing machines, photo cameras, etc. Experts from various museums in town first have to see the items. 2 photos needed.
  • Also sculptures and paintings need export permission of the National gallery, contact phone 980 00 73 – working hours from 10:00 – 12:00 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, in the building of former King’s palace. 2 photos needed.

Price of the certificate for export is between 10 BL to 150 BL, if you would like to pay a visit at home the cost will be about 30 BL.

  • In case you have imported your antiques, paintings and elect. Items, please present import doc. stamped by customs on which the above items are listed with photos attached
  • Electrical items listed in full detail including brand name, type of device and serial number

At packing it is recommended to mention electrical goods on a separate list, attaching their brand names, value and serial numbers with invoices or receipts attached

IN CASE THE CLIENT DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT OF DUTY FREE IMPORT /foreigners without # card at their arrival:

Value of HHE less than US$ 1500:

All persons must pay 26% deposit or duties, 5% duties and 20% VAT for the import of their personal and HHE into Bulgaria. The amount is based on the value of the pro-forma invoice and is payable in BL or hard currency (art. 811). Deposit can be paid back at presenting the # card /customs Sofia/ or at export /customs airport/

Value of HHE more than US$ 1500:

The amount of duties (deposit) is depending on the tariff numbers for each item shown on the packing list (usually between 5% and 25%), supported with invoices and EURO certificate when available.

New items:

Please note: For the import of new items duties have to be paid! Customs may check your shipment, do not include new items and do not mention this on the inventory list. This causes delays, trouble and most likely extra fines. This is not applicable to diplomats.

Hunting trophies

In case the shipper has obtained hunting trophies in Bulgaria and would like to export them as accompanied luggage a protocol from the Hunting Reserve, a certificate from  Committee of the Forrest and an invoice are needed. If the trophy is being exported unaccompanied all documents mentioned will have to be submitted as well as an additional export permit from the Ministry of Environment or Ministry of Culture.

Import and export of cars

The duty free import of cars is only possible for diplomats or persons with a diplomatic status and returning citizens which have all doc. required in the list.  All private persons need to pay duties if the car is not their property and is used by them less than 6 months. They can import the car in 6 months after their return in BG. Foreigner pay a deposit in case of temporary import refundable at export  In general the amount of duties to be paid is up from 40% till 80% depending on the KW or HP of the engine, year of production, confirmed by original invoice and certificate of origin. Further, VAT of 20% has to be paid over the value of the car.

For new cars duties are applicable. In case the car is with more than 156 horse powers than exice taxes are

obliged. Doc is needed for confirming horse power, you can obtain doc at origin country or in BG from the rep office of the company presenting your model car.

Following documents have to be submitted to the customs by diplomats as well as private persons and firms:

  • Original invoice in the name of the shipper.
  • Original car documents stating the technical specifications.
  • Original certificate of title


A phyto certificate is compulsory. – contact phone 981 2306 – 145 Rakovsky Bul


Passport and health certificate edited in BG – contact phone 44 24 62


Wine: without duties one is allowed to import 4 litres

Liquor: without duties one is allowed to import 2 litres


Cigarettes: without duties one is allowed to import 200 cigarettes

Tobacco: without duties one is allowed to import 250 grams


Medicines: in reasonable quantities of which can be proved that it is for personal use only. If large quantities needed, a letter from a doctor is recommended.


1.    Returning citizens which have been abroad for at least 6 months have a right of duty free import as long as they import their goods within 6 months after their arrival in Bulgaria (art. 688 / 689). In case they have not been abroad for over 6 months they will have to present a declaration filled at the border crossing in which is mention that cargo has followed (art. 693).

2.    In case of marriage the import has to be done within 4 months after the date of marriage (art 680-2).

3.    The shipper has to be registered at the customs house closest to the residence of the client (Art. 670).

4.    When the shipper would like to receive personal effects in several stages a complete list of all personal effects must be submitted during the first customs clearance.

5.    The shipper is not allowed to sell, rent out or give as a gift or donation all or part of his personal belongings without prior approval of the Bulgarian customs. In case shipper has paid duties he is not obliged to export them.

6.    The shipper must report any changes in address during course of stay.

7.    Customs clearance is only valid for the period of the working contract. When contract is to be extended all the new documents must be once again presented to the customs.

In case of temporary import the shipper must terminate customs records at the customs office at the end of his stay.

Please note:

The information on this page is intended as a guide and NOT as a complete or definitive resource.

The information on this page should not be used as an authoritative reference.

Updated January, 2006

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