Moving to Ireland

Moving to Ireland

Ports: Dublin

Prohibited: Narcotics, Drugs, Explosives, Pornography, Firearms, Meat Products, Live Plants


Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

Required Documents:  Wine/Spirit separate inventory listing each bottle in 3 sub sections: (1) Maker’s name (2) Percentage proof (3) CL volume

Customs Regulations: Subject to Customs duty plus 21% V.A.T.

Clearance3-10 days. Customer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksStrongly recommend against including wine/spirits. Containers can be outturned for sake of 2/3 bottles spirits if shipped. Load at rear of container for immediate access.

Diplomatic Removals

Required Documents:  (1) Irish Customs form 1074 (2) Letter of diplomatic appointment from local embassy in Dublin (3) Clear packing list and OBL/AWB.

Customs Regulations:

Clearance3-4 days. Customer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksBills of Lading and Air Waybills should be annotated Diplomatic Clearance. Advise agent before arrival that Diplomatic Clearance is required.

Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents:  (1) Irish Customs form 1074 (2) Legible inventory in English with same signature of shipper as on form 1074 (3) Evidence of transfer of normal residence; required details of which are printed on the cover of Form 1074 Section 3.

Customs Regulations: Used household goods are allowed duty free if they have been in the owner’s possession and use for at least 6 months and are for owner’s continued use and not for resale.

Clearance4-5 days. Customer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksCustoms form 1074 may be completed abroad but must be available prior to arrival of goods (along with clear inventory) and evidence of transfer of normal residence as detailed in Section 3 page 1. Customer should be contactable in case Customs requires additional information.

New Furniture

Required Documents:  (1) Purchase invoice (2) Sales invoice clearly identifying item’s price paid with date and place of purchase.

Customs Regulations: Items purchased with 6 months are subject to Customs duties and VAT. They should be shown separately on Customs form 1074.

Clearance3-10 days. Customer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksMark outside of wrapping for easy identification and leave to rear of container.

Pets and Animals

Required Documents:  Proof of inoculation from registered vet.

Customs Regulations: Subject to 6 months quarantine in licensed premises.

ClearanceUsually quarantine period. Customer presence required for clearance? Yes

RemarksCheck with Irish Customs and Dept. of Agriculture before shipping, especially for rare or endangered species.


Required Documents:  (1) Customs form 1074 (2) Purchase invoice (3) Original vehicle document showing owner’s name and engine and chassis number.

Customs Regulations: In the case of motor-drive vehicles (including their trailers), caravans, mobile homes, pleasure boats and private aircraft, the person concerned must have had the use of such property for a period of at least 6 months before the change of residence.

Clearance7-8 days. Customer presence required for clearance? May be required.


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