Moving to Israel

Moving to Israel

Ports: Haifa

Prohibited: Firearms or Weapons, Explosives, And Dangerous Chemicals


Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents:  (1) Valid passports, including old passports. (2) List of contents and list of insurance values. (3) Invoices for new items, electrical appliances, etc. (4) Legally stamped lease or contract of flat or home. (5) Correct visa.

Customs Regulations: New immigrant or temporary resident: Shipment must arrive from latest country where he lived for at least 1 year. Three shipments allowed in a period of 3 years. Returning resident/student: Shipment should arrive from last country of residence within 9 months of consignee’s arrival in Israel.

ClearanceCustomer presence required for clearance? Yes

RemarksPower of Attorney must be signed by owner in presence of authorized Customs Agent. Only 1 item of any electric appliance is exempt from duties. Small electrical appliances are duty free, if value does not exceed $10.00 for each, with a total value for all of not more than $200.00. Food products are restricted to 15 kgs. per person. Linoleum for floor is always subject to full customs duties.


Required Documents:

Customs Regulations: Vehicles will not be calculated within the framework of the three shipments allowed for importation.



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