Moving to Kosovo

Moving to Kosovo 





Diplomats importing goods into Kosovo do not need to be present for customs clearance. The customs clearance only takes a short time and can proceed as soon as the protocol is ready. Individuals  exempt from customs duties on their personal and official effects are: Diplomats  and  their  family  members  representing  a  special  mission  in  Kosovo,  those working in international organizations in Kosovo and foreign citizens who are employed in international organizations. To be released from customs duties the following documents are needed:

  • Copy of Airway bill
  • Copy of Packing list
  • Pro-Forma invoice with stated value for customs purposes
  • Diplomatic Protocol from the Embassy.

Individuals  not  exempt  from  customs  duties  are  those  that  cannot  receive  a  protocol,  as mentioned above.  These individuals need to pay duties on their personal effects.  The rate is a  Customs  rate of 10% of the value of the shipment and a further 15% VAT for Kosovo. Please not  that the customs rate is variable.   Non governmental organizations are exempt from any customs  duties for official effects but they must pay the VAT taxes.   No bank guarantee or bond is needed. Documents needed to import goods are:

  • Copy of Airway bill
  • Copy of packing list
  • Pro-forma invoice with stated value for customs purposes

Returning citizens to Kosovo need to be present for the customs clearance process.   They cannot  import  their  goods duty  free  and  the  customs  clearance  process  takes  2  days.

Documents needed to import goods are:

  • Copy of packing list
  • Copy of Airway bill or CMR spedition paperwork
  • Pro-forma invoice with stated value for customs purposes


Individuals including foreigners, national citizens and diplomats do not need to be present at customs to export their goods.  The process takes approximately one day and the documents needed are:

  • Packing list
  • Pro-forma invoice with stated value for customs purposes

Prohibited items: Weapons of all kinds. Pornography. Narcotics. Toxic material. Radioactive material. Export of antiques, such as carpets, paintings, books, icons or any other items which is considered to be of cultural and historical value.



Import of pets is permitted into Kosovo.  The following documents are required:

  • Copy of owner’s passport
  • Pet’s passport showing a record of all shots
  • Health certificate


Pets are permitted export from Kosovo with the following documents:

  • Copy of owner’s passport
  • Pet’s passport showing a record of all shots
  • Health certificate


To import a car into Kosovo, the shipper must be present at customs to clear the car.  The customs clearance process can take up to 5 days. Documents needed for importing a car to Kosovo are:

  • Driver’s license
  • Original ownership paperwork
  • no more than 6 years old
  • 10-15% duty charged on estimated value (if there is a protocol then no duty is charged)


Before a car leaves Kosovo as an export it must be de-registered. The documents needed to export a car from Kosovo are:

  • Invoice for the car
  • Car ownership and papers


Documents required to import such items are:

IMPORTANT: Valued inventory list for items intended for temporary import should be descriptive,  e.g.   double bed set, wardrobe, dinning table with six chairs and etc.   Home electrical and electronic appliances should be very clearly mentioned along with their serial numbers.  It is also suggested to declare low value for items for temporary import.

NOTE:  Valued inventory lists are for customs purposes and therefore the value does not have to be  the same as used for insurance purposes. However, it is strictly advised not to enclose the list used for insurance purposes along with the shipping documents.


Mark the waybills very clearly “Used Household goods and personal effects”. Packing list should be in English

Do not attach the inventory list used for the insurance purposes with the documents enclosed with the shipment.

Pre-alert along with the copies of the waybill, packing list, valued inventories and shipping schedule should be sent to our office by fax well in advance.

Consign the shipment directly to the consignee c/o name of his/her organization c/o AES Cargo / Move One, full address and tel. numbers.

Note: As experienced in the past, the customs regulations can change at any time with or without  notice. We’ll do our best to up-date our valued customers and agents with such changes. We also  strongly recommend to issue all the shipping documents very carefully according to the above mentioned instructions, which we understand, can be time consuming but it will definitely help you to avoid unnecessary delays and heavy storage charges.

Please note:
The information on this page is intended as a guide and NOT as a complete or definitive resource.
The information on this page should not be used as an authoritative reference.

Updated January, 2006

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