Moving to The United States Via Los Angeles

Moving to The United States Via Los Angeles

Ports: Los Angeles

Prohibited: Ivory; Turtle Shell; Some Coral; Illegal Narcotics/ Explosives; Pornography; Endangered Species


Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

Required Documents: (1) Inventory or invoices showing value and gallon quantity (2) Types of liquor

Customs Regulations: Subject to Customs duty and IR tax

Clearance1 to 3 days. Customer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksShould get written approval from District Director of Customs at port of arrival for large shipments of liquor

Diplomatic Removals

Required Documents:  Diplomat should contact US Consulate office and State Dept.

Customs Regulations: Is not inspected released by general information office at US Customs

Clearance:  Immediate if in order. Customer presence required for clearance? No


Firearms and Weapons

Required Documents:  Need Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Permit or proof of US ownership

Customs Regulations: No automatic weapons or heavy military type application weapons

Clearance1 to 3 days with permit. Customer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksSuggest importer file ATF form prior to shipment as normally takes 6 to 8 weeks to get approved permit back. The standard procedure is for customs to seize the weapons and allow the balance of the shipment to be released.

Fish and Wildlife

Required Documents: (1) Scientific names (2) Invoice/packing list

Customs Regulations: May need Agriculture inspection and fumigation

Clearance: 1 week. Customer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksIf endangered subject to seizure and importer may get penalty

Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents:  (1) US Customs Form 3299 (2) OBL/AWB (3) Inventory, details no PBO or CTN (4) Copy of Passport, Green Card, or Social Security #

Customs Regulations: Owners use for one year

ClearanceAir: 1 to 2 days. Ocean: 2 to 4 days. Customer presence required for clearance? No

Remarks: If importing any animal skins or trophies, please call prior to shipping

New Furniture

Required Documents:  (1) Commercial invoice in ENGLISH (2) Importer Social Security # (3) Power of Attorney (4) OBL/AWB

Customs Regulations: If less than one year old dutiable at rates from free to 10.7%

Clearance: 3 days if all papers in order. Customer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksInvoices should be detailed as to type of furniture, i.e. – table, chair and what material it is made out of. These details allow for proper customs classification

Pets and Animals

Required Documents:  Proof of Inoculation

Customs Regulations: Possible quarantine

Clearance: 1 to 2 days if not quarantined. Customer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksCheck with broker for specific types of animals


Required Documents:  (1) Bill of Sale (2) Foreign Registration (3) Power of Attorney (4) Social Security # (5) Bond Application (6) Copy of Drivers Lic. (7) Possible Agriculture inspection

Customs Regulations: Current Duty is 2.6% of purchase value on new or used auto. **Vehicles shipped with household goods in full containers will be devanned in most cases

Clearance: 1 week. Customer presence required for clearance? No

Remarks: Customs requires a bond for 3 times the value of the vehicle. EPA & DOT cost run as high as US$4000.00 on standard vehicles I.E. – BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche. Exotic models can be as high as $16,000.00 – and still not able to pass US EPA/DOT requirements.


Required Documents:

Customs Regulations:


RemarksShippers should be cautioned about random Customs inspections at U.S. ports, which can result in fees from $300 to $1,000 if all necessary clearance and documentation procedures have not been followed.

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