Moving to Vietnam (Southern Region)

Moving to Vietnam (Southern Region)

Ports: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Prohibited: Narcotics, Drugs, Firearms, Explosives, Pornography, Politically Sensitive Materials.


Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco

Required Documents:  Inventory with exact number of bottles and type of alcohol and quantity of tobacco.

Customs Regulations: Duties on all at current tariff rate – alcohol is 125 to 150%.

Clearance: Expect some “shrinkage” during clearance process.


Diplomatic Removals

Required Documents:  Certificate from the Embassy or Consulate from the Foreign Ministry.

Customs Regulations: Duty free entry for foreign diplomats, except for multiple electronic items. Multiple TV’s, stereos, etc. will be assessed duties at tariff rates (50-60%).

ClearanceDiplomatic shipments of household goods are inspected by Customs in the port.


Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents:  Fax for details. Requirements change frequently. Clients’ passports must be available for clearance. Very detailed packing list is important.

Customs Regulations: All non-diplomatic household goods (new or used) are dutiable per the current customs tariff.

Some “NGO” clients may have duty-free status (i.e., UN, UNDP). Items not on a packing list may be confiscated. Videos, books, music cassettes, computer software and antiques are screened by the Cultural Department. Radio transmitters, fax machines, telephones require separate import licenses. Hi-tech color printers may be refused entry.

ClearanceCustoms inspects 100% of the shipments in the port. Clearance times for sea are 2 to 3 weeks.



Required Documents:  Up-to-date rabies vaccination papers and health certificate.

Customs Regulations:

Clearance:  Same day. Usually very simple for dogs and cats.



Required Documents:  (1) Certificate of Registration. (2) Import license (3) Car papers

Customs Regulations: Cars over 2 years old usually not allowed import permits. Duties charged on most autos at 200% of value, unless special permission granted in advance of arrival. DO NOT SHIP WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL.

Clearance: Clearance time varies from 1 to 2 weeks.


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