Sent: Monday, September 26, 2022 7:26 AM

Subject: International Move to Senigallia, Italy – Rainier Overseas Movers

Da: Kathy Ellis
Inviato: sabato 24 settembre 2022 15:48
A: Barbara Savelli ; Benedetta Girardi; Alexandra Ajale; Doug Wiviott; Nadia White ; Roberta Tanzi ; Chiara Mottola ; Andrea Cardelli
Oggetto: Re: Move to Senigallia, Italy

Hello, everyone at Rainier Overseas Movers, Ernie’s Van and Movers, Gosselin Moving, and the local movers at Lucesole.

You finally got me here! Finishing the house took longer than I thought it would, you know, those unforeseen life curve balls, but I’m now reunited with my belongings – because of you.

All of you were focused, professional, and compassionate (moving is a big deal and freaking stressful.) Doug and Roberta worked hard to get my things here before the tax set in when I had cut the time short. Nadia was able to schedule her movers in a tight window. And they did a great job. I wish I could be there, but Julie said they were good, hard-working guys.

Roberta helped get things situated and sent to storage once the shipment arrived. And Chara and Benedetta were patient and helpful regarding the monthly billing for storage.

Barbara and Andrea hung in there with me while juggling construction delays and the completion of the house. And the Lucesole men who delivered my stuff were great. They were fast and efficient. They tried hard to keep things organized for me, assembled what they could, and one of the guys occasionally swept. They were all friendly and fun, too.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. You all have great teams. It was a joy working with you. I know I can be a little difficult, I don’t mean to be, and you all worked well with me. And you were friendly and made it personal. It is a tricky balance, at times, to run a business while keeping that human connection because you have to pay the bills. But it’s that personal connection is dearly needed in today’s world.

Whenever the opportunity arises, I recommend Gosselin and Rainier to people moving internationally and for local storage facilities.

Excellent job!!
Thank you all.