Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 1:23 PM

Subject: Shipment to Israel – Rainier Overseas Movers

From: Rinat Rosenberg-Kima
To: Mark Lawson
Cc: Alex Luskin (Sonigo); Margaret Falconer; Doron Kima; MovingStar/Avner
Subject: Re: 2012332- rosenberg kima rinat bina ECAA4774-

Dear Mark, Avner, and Alex,
We received the lift last week and wanted to thank you all for the excellent delivery, everything got to our apartment in perfect condition (and we noticed just how well everything was packed back in Albany) and the delivery went smoothly!
(We just gave our recommendation to another couple in the UC village)
Thank you very much for the excellent service!
Rinat and Doron