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Rainier Overseas Guide to International Moving

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Either way, this information will guide you through the ins and outs of shipping your household goods internationally. This excellent document will help you understand the many terms used in the moving industry and will allow you to gain a better perspective on what to expect throughout your international move. – Provides excellent information about international relocation along with hundreds of customers comments about specific moving companies and their experiences.

Protect Your Move

If you are planning to move, then “Protect Your Move” is a great starting point. On this Web site you can learn about red flags for spotting rogue movers, how to choose a reputable mover and frequently asked questions.

Foreign Consular Offices in the United States

A publication containing a complete and official listing of the foreign consular offices in the United States, and recognized consular officers. www.state.gove/s/cpr/rls/fco

Helpful Sites to aid American relocation overseas

Incredibly insightful book, site and blog showing what life is like for a non-British mother raising children in Britain today. Bringing Up Brits Blog

One of the leading sites on the Internet for people looking to buy, rent or secure property in France.

A blog that chronicles the day to day life of a woman born and raised in the United States now living in a Paris suburb who fields questions from others pondering similar moves.

General Safety Tips

Below is information on restrictions on what can and/or should be moved. Depending on your final destination and new residence, careful attention must be paid to certain items that may be packed along with the household goods.

All countries have restrictions on what may be imported.   The most common restrictions include the transportation of:

• Automobiles
• Culturally Offensive Materials
• Firearms
• Illegal Drugs/Narcotics
• Liquor
• Pets
• Specialist Electronic Equipment

Culturally offensive materials may consist of a number of things including pornographic materials (what may be considered pornographic will vary from country to country), literature, toys such as anatomically correct dolls or music. If unsure about an item’s possibility to offend, consider leaving the item behind.

It is important to note here that shipping any restricted items, even inadvertently, can cause serious problems when the shipment is inspected by customs at the final destination and may result in substantial fines and delays.

Economic Restrictions

Unlike a domestic move where it is common to move everything from furniture to firewood in the garage, more discretion should be used in determining what to pack and ship overseas.

You may be better off leaving certain items behind because shipping certain items may be more costly than replacing them at the destination.

If a number of furniture pieces in your possession can be purchased at a lower cost near or at your destination, consider storing or selling bulky or heavy items in order to reduce your moving costs.

Consider leaving behind old freezers, washing machines and other large appliances. The destination country may operate on a different electrical current system and without costly modifications, the machine becomes inoperable.

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