Before The Move

The following is a step by step list of the things you should do before you move:

1. Set your pick-up date with Rainier. Generally figure 1 day for liftvan shipments; 1-2 days for 20ft Containers; 2-3 days for 40ft containers.
Note: We recommend setting this date three to four weeks before your move – ESPECIALLY IN SUMMER AND IF YOU INTEND TO MOVE AT THE END OF THE MONTH.

2. Get boxes from our local agent if you intend to pack non-breakables.

3. Make purchases and coordinate delivery of these items with vendors, Rainier and our local agent.

4. Prepare your valuation list.

5. Complete the required custom documents (your Rainier coordinator should have the required custom forms for you but please contact the destination country’s consulate to make sure there is nothing else specific for your specific move)