Types of Services

The rates you receive from Rainier will be for the services you request.

Door-to-Door  rates will include all of the following:

  • 1. Pre-packing at your home (full packing, labor and materials & export wrapping furniture)
  • 2. Pick up from your home
  • 3. Loading goods into a steamship container or into lift van crates then into a container
  • 4. Delivery to Port
  • 5. Preparation of all necessary US Export and Customs documentation
  • 6. Payment of all ocean freight charges (steamship) and US terminal fees
  • 7. Customs Clearance at destination –Including Terminal Handling Charges (THC) (excluding duties and taxes, if any)
  • 8. Delivery into residence (up to second floor delivery) and removal of debris

When obtaining rates from a freight forwarding company, it is extremely important to find out what the rates do not include as you will sometimes be surprised by the hidden costs.

Rates Will Not Include

At Rainier, our rates are straightforward and include everything as outlined above. There are, however, some costs which these rates will not include. They are as follows:

  • 1.  Import customs taxes and duties if any
  • 2.  Any charges relating to customs inspection
  • 3.  Demurrages, detention
  • 4.  Quarantine & fumigation charges (only applies to certain countries – Australia, New Zealand, parts of Asia)

Other Exclusions Unless Otherwise Specified As Extra Services in Your Quotation:
Difficult access, shuttle, long carry, parking permit, services above 2nd floor, external elevator, heavy lift charges (e.g. piano), new furniture or kit type furniture assembly, any third party fees, charges incurred by storage, insurance.

Generally, Rainier will outline these charges in your quote so will know exactly what to expect before accepting our services.