Moving Boxes and their Uses

Box Sizes and Uses:

Small: 1.5cft, 12”x12”x17” high – Good for packing books, tools, CDs, DVDs canned goods, and other small, heavy items.

Medium: 3.1cft, 18”x18”x18” high – Good for packing pots, pans, mixing bowls, roasters, canisters toasters, coffee makers, kitchen utensils, shoes, boots, and purses, large photo albums, linens and small lamp shades.

Large: 4.5cft, 18”x18”x24” high – Good for packing pillows, bedding, blankets, all types of folded and hanging clothes, pictures, odd-shaped toys, large pots and other miscellaneous large bulky items.

Wardrobe: 8cft 20”x18”x48.8” high – For hanging clothing only. Not normally used in international moves. Sometimes lay-down wardrobes can be substituted.

Dishpack: 5.6cft, 18”x18”x30” high – Used for packing china, fragile glass, lamps, dishes, stemware, pictures, art objects and other breakable items. Note that these items will normally be packed only by our professional movers except in cases where shippers bring their household goods directly to our agent’s warehouse. If you do end up packing your own breakables, we recommend you double box, wrap or cushion particular items with paper, bubble wrap, clothes, towels, etc.

For valuation purposes, it is a good idea to open these boxes for our agent’s inspection when you bring them to their warehouse. Otherwise, they will be inventoried as “packed by owner” cartons and will not be insured for breakage.