Forms & Customs

As you approach your move date our sales staff will be providing you with the necessary forms to ensure your move has the proper paperwork required for a smooth relocation. Each move is unique so please discuss with your Rainier Overseas agent about the specific required documents necessary for your relocation.

Required Forms for All Moves

Shippers Consignee Profile
This form provides information required by the U.S. State Department on personal effects shipments exiting the United States. This form will also be used by Rainier Overseas and its agents involved with your move as a contact page while your shipment is in transit.

Valued Inventory for Valuation
The Valued Inventory form is a template for you to declare the values of your personal effects. Items that are not listed on the spreadsheet will not be insured. Please speak with your Rainier Overseas sales representative if you have any questions regarding your policy. Please review the  Valuation Terms and Conditions

EIN Number (Employee Identification Number)
Effective March 24, 2010, the Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau will require all persons who have a social security number and who are shipping household goods and personal effects overseas with a value of $2500.00 or more to obtain a personal Employee Identification Number “EIN” before the shipment will be permitted to be exported out of the United States. Please view the directions on how to obtain your EIN number.

Required Form United States Imports Shipments

Customs Form 3299
This is the US required customs form for international movers to declare goods entering into the United States.

3299 Instructions
This form will guide you through the 3299 form. Any further questions can be answered by our skilled import managers.