Moving to Finland

Moving to Finland

Ports: Helsinki

Prohibited: Narcotics, Drugs, Explosives, Pornographic


Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

Required Documents:  Inventory with exact number and sizes of bottles and containers

Customs Regulations: Owner has to pay full taxes and duties.

Clearance1 Day.

Remarks: If volume of alcoholic beverages exceeds 5 liters, a permit from the Alcoholic Monopole is required.

Diplomatic Removals

Required Documents: Obligation for Privilege to be lodged by the Foreign Ministry of Finland.

Customs Regulations:

Clearance: 1 Day.


Firearms and Weapons

Required Documents: Valid Firearm Certificate issued to the owner by the Police authorities in Finland.

Customs Regulations:

Clearance: 1 Day.

RemarksIf documents not available at the moment of import, the weapons will be taken by Customs and released only after receipt of the missing documents.

Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents:  (1) Import Declaration [Customs form] (2) Inventory of the goods with exact number of packages (3) Copy of passport

Customs Regulations: Used household goods and personal effects in the owners’ use and possession abroad and for continued use of the owner in his new residence are permitted. Duty-free if in owner’s use for at least six months in the foreign country; if returning Finn, the length of stay abroad is a minimum of one year.

Clearance1 Day.


New Furniture

Required Documents:  (1) Sales invoice with prices, dates and place of purchase (2)Separate packing list

Customs Regulations: New items (owned less than 6 months) are liable to payment of duties and VAT.

Clearance: 1 Day


Pets and Animals

Required Documents: (1) Health Certificate (2) Import Permit from Ministry of Agriculture

Customs Regulations: Duty-free if proof of ownership available.

Clearance1 Day

RemarksVeterinarian inspection at port of Entry (Helsinki) required for all animals except cats and dogs. Cats and dogs must have valid vaccination against rabies. Forms for application of Import Permit and rules are available from Ministry of Agriculture, Veterinary Dept. (FAX 358-0-160 3338)


Required Documents:  (1) Certificate of Registration (2) Sales Invoice with price, date and place of purchase (3) Valid passport (4) Traffic insurance policy valid in Finland

Customs Regulations: Duty-free if in owners’ use and possession abroad for more than one year. Only one vehicle per person.

Clearance: 1 Day

Remarks: If from Scandinavian countries, no regulations apply.

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