Moving to Norway

Moving to Norway

Ports: Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim

Prohibited: Drugs, Fresh Meat, Explosives, Narcotics, Cordless Phones


Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

Required Documents:  Separate list for all alcoholic beverages showing number of bottles and quantity. Application for import is necessary. Tobacco/cigarettes/cigars must be declared.

Customs Regulations: Duties are extremely high. Alcoholic content over 60% is regarded as narcotics.

ClearanceOne week. Customer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksDo not recommend import, as duties will amount to approximately same amount as purchase price in Norway.

Diplomatic Removals

Required Documents:  Special application form from respective embassy to be presented to and stamped by Norwegian foreign ministry. This form will be issued for each import of diplomatic move.

Customs Regulations:

ClearanceOne day. Customer presence required for clearance? No


Firearms and Weapons

Required Documents:  (1) Proof of ownership (2) Preferably licenses from country of origin.

Customs Regulations: Owner must personally contact local police to obtain license for import. Automatic weapons are prohibited.

ClearanceOne week. Customer presence required for clearance? Yes

RemarksWhen license is given by Police, Customs will automatically allow import. Weapons should be packed/marked for easy access.

Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents:  Norwegian Customs Decal. RG 124 or RG 124A, OBL or AWB, inventory of household goods in Norwegian or English

Customs Regulations: Importation is in general duty free, if used by owner abroad. Owner/Importer should have lived abroad at least 12 months.

ClearanceOne day. Customer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksForm RG 124/124A absolutely necessary to clear customs

New Furniture

Required Documents: Importer must declare all new items, stating purchase price abroad. Sales invoice will normally not be required.

Customs Regulations: All items, not used abroad, are liable to duties.

ClearanceOne day. Customer presence required for clearance? No


Pets and Animals

Required Documents:  All possible vaccination certificates

Customs Regulations: Three months quarantine will be required for all pets. Animals which are not ‘natural’ in Norway are prohibited

Clearance: Time of quarantine. Customer presence required for clearance? Yes

RemarksOnly very few quarantine stations in Norway. Long waiting time for quarantine. Import of pets requires long planning.


Required Documents:  Registration Docs. showing length of ownership, Passport, Declaration from employer about length of stay outside Norway

Customs Regulations: Importer must prove ownership for minimum 12 months before arrival to Norway. Importer must prove that he has had residence outside Norway the last 5 years before moving to Norway. Vehicle has to arrive in Norway not later than 3 months after owners arrival.

ClearanceSee remarks. Customer presence required for clearance? Yes

RemarksImporter will be granted a temporary driving permission on the day of clearance, which allows him to take care of all docs. and required technical changes, if necessary. For shorter stay in Norway importer will normally have permission to drive one year on foreign plates. One additional year may be applied for. If duty free not allowed, duties are extremely high. Note: It is the issuing date on the title that is regarded as the purchase date.

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