Moving to Uzbekistan

Moving to Uzbekistan 




Diplomats importing HHG and personal effects need the following documents:

  • Pro-Forma invoice with stated value for customs purposes
  • Packing list
  • AWB / BL / CMR
  • Letter from the Embassy
  • Diplomatic Protocol from the embassy for which shipment coming

Individuals other than diplomats and UZB citizens  wishing to import Household goods need to be present for the customs clearance process.  They cannot import their goods duty free and a bank guarantee or a bond  is needed. To import goods  the following  documents are needed:

  • Pro-forma invoice with stated value for customs purposes
  • Packing list
  • AWB / BL / CMR
  • Copy of residence permit issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs or a housing lease
  • Power of Attorney for AES/Move One to import the shipment
  • Copy of passport with the possibility that the original must be shown
  • Copy of work permit
  • Owner’s statement

Uzbek citizens must be present for the customs clearance process. Returning Uzbeks can import HHG’s duty/tax free if the following documents are submitted to customs: if the owner of the HHG’s and personal effects signs and states that the following is true, when importing into Bosnia:

  • Certificate from the company who sent the worker at origin stating that the shipper has lived outside Uzb. for more than 1 year
  • Packing list stamped by the sender at origin
  • AWB / BL / CMR
  • Declaration from the shipper stating that the goods are all used and they are in his/her possession for more than 12 months
  • If they own a dwelling they must show proof that they will live in it for 2 years and they will not rent it out to a third party in case of absence.

Bosnian  citizens  can  only  perform  duty/tax  free  import  of  HHG’s  once.    If  they  are importing a new TV or household goods after they have previously imported goods duty free, they must pay duty the second and every subsequent time.

For airfreight export a pro-forma invoice, power of attorney and packing list are required.

For airfreight import a diplomatic protocol is needed for diplomats.   For all shippers’ a packing  list  is  necessary  and copy  of  passport.  For  UZB  citizens  work  agreement  and  all documents listed above.  A commercial invoice is needed if commercial goods are being brought into Uzbekistan.


Import customs clearance takes 1-2 days.

Uzbek citizens can only import goods duty free if they have been away from UZb for 1 year or more and need to show customs declaration T-6 when they are going abroad. Also to import duty and tax free they need to prove and show work agreement  that they work


Diplomats exporting goods from UZB need the following documents:

  • Packing list
  • Copy of passport
  • Diplomatic protocol

Foreigners, other than diplomats wishing to export goods from UZB do not need to be present for the export clearance process.   The following documents are needed:

  • Packing list
  • Copy of passport
  • Power of Attorney for AES/Move One to handle the export

Uzbek citizens do not need to be present for the export customs clearance. They need proof of time abroad if the shipment has already been imported once temporarily.  Customs clearance takes approximately 1-2 day.  The following documents are needed:

  • Packing list
  • Copy of passport
  • Power of Attorney for AES/Move One to export the shipment

Prohibited items:

  • Weapons of all kinds
  • Pornography
  • Narcotics
  • Toxic material
  • Radioactive material
  • Export  of antiques, such as carpets,  paintings,  books, icons or any other items which is considered to be of cultural and historical value.


There is no restriction on what pets can be imported into Bosnia. The airport veterinarian must check pets upon arrival.  There is a fee of approximately $30.00 for the check and it takes up to 2 days to clear a pet. The following documents are required:

  • Certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of Health issued by a vet (10 days prior to arrival)
  • Vaccination certificate (Issued at least 30 days prior to departure and no more than 9 months old).
  • Power of Attorney for AES/Move One to handle the customs clearance


  • Documents needed to export a pet from UZB are:
  • Certificate of Health issued by an Uzbek veterinarian
  • Pet’s passport with a record of all shots
  • Proof of rabies vaccination
  • Copy of owner’s passport
  • Power of Attorney for AES/Move One to handle the export


When importing a vehicle with diplomatic protocol, it can be more than 7 year old but it cannot be sold in UZB. Documents needed for diplomats are:

  • Diplomatic Protocol from Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • All Vehicle Details – with stamp from Embassy
  • Customs Border Report
  • Invoice
  • CMR (if vehicle comes on truck)

Documents needed for temporarily import are:

  • Customs Border Report
  • Invoice or statement about vehicle’s value
  • CMR (if vehicle comes on truck)
  • Owner’s vehicle book
  • Statement by owner on company letterhead stating place of residence in UZB
  • Copy of ID card

For all other cars being imported, they can be subjected to duties and taxes on them.  The amount which will be depends on the characteristics of the automobile.  Documents needed for import are:

  • Customs declaration from the border
  • Invoice of the car
  • Owner’s vehicle book
  • Record of engine size


  • When exporting a vehicle from UZB, the following documents are needed:
  • Power of Attorney for AES/Move One to handle the export
  • Pro-forma invoice stating the value of the car
  • Vehicle ownership paperwork
  • Copy of Owner’s passport


When importing jewelry, art antiques and carpets, these items must be registered upon arrival into UZB.   There are no restrictions on what can be brought into UZB as long as the item is  registered  and a document from the UZbek Ministry of Culture must be obtained to show the presence of the item in UZB.

When exporting such items from UZB, those registered upon arrival have no restrictions and do not need any export permits.  Other items that were bought in UZB need to be shown to the Uzbek Ministry of Culture to decide if the item is valuable to Uzbek culture.

If the item is permitted to leave UZB and export permit must be obtained.

Antiques are defined on a case by case basis and the final decision is made by the Ministry of Culture.  It takes 4-5 days to obtain an export permit.

IMPORTANT:  Valued  inventory  list  for  items  intended  for  temporary  import  should  be descriptive, e.g. double bed set, wardrobe, dinning table with six chairs and etc.  Home electrical and electronic appliances should be very clearly mentioned along with their serial numbers.  It is also suggested to declare low value for items for temporary import.

NOTE:  Valued inventory lists are for customs purposes and therefore the value does not have to be the same as used for insurance purposes. However, it is strictly advised not to enclose the list used for insurance purposes along with the shipping documents.


The allowance limit for the import of wine and spirits for personal consumption is:

Alcohol: 1 liter

Cigarettes: 10 boxes per person

For amounts exceeding the permitted limit there are duties and taxes of 100% on alcohol and tobacco.


Mark the waybills very clearly “Used Household goods and personal effects”.

Packing list should be in English or in Russian

Do  not  attach  the  inventory  list  used  for  the  insurance  purposes  with  the  documents enclosed with the shipment.

Pre-alert  along  with  the  copies  of  the  waybill,  packing  list,  valued  inventories  and shipping schedule should be sent to our office by fax well in advance.

Consign the shipment directly to the consignee c/o name of his/her organization c/o AES Cargo / Move One, full address and tel. numbers.

Note: As experienced in the past, the customs regulations can change at any time with or without notice. We’ll do our best to up-date our valued customers and agents with such changes.

We also strongly recommend to issue all the shipping documents very carefully according to the above mentioned instructions, which we understand, can be time consuming but it will definitely help you to avoid unnecessary delays and heavy storage charges.

Please note:
The information on this page is intended as a guide and NOT as a complete or definitive resource.
The information on this page should not be used as an authoritative reference.

Updated January, 2006



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