Moving to Qatar

Moving to Qatar

Ports: Doha

Prohibited: Pork, Alcoholic Beverages, Wireless Transmitters, Firearms, Explosives, Narcotics, Swords, Daggers, and Pornographic Materials

Cont: None

Diplomatic Removals

Required Documents:  1) Master airway bill or original ocean bill of lading (AWB/OBL) 2) Detailed Inventory

Customs Regulations: Letter of protocol from the relevant Embassy must be processed with the Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once protocol letter is received, shipment is normally allowed inspection and duty-free clearance into Qatar, but this remains at the discretion of the Customs Director.

Clearance3 to 5 days. Consignee’s presence is not essential, but is recommended.

RemarksDestination Agent should be notified in advance that diplomatic shipment is coming, in order that they can coordinate the letter of protocol with relevant embassy administrators, in advance of shipment’s arrival.

Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents:  1) Master AWB or original OBL 2) Detailed inventory

Customs Regulations: Used personal effects are allowed duty-free importation, provided the consignee’s company provides a letter to Customs stating the he/she will be in Qatar for at least 12 months, and that the items have no commercial value.

ClearanceAir: 1-2 days. Sea as FCL: 3-5 days. Sea as LCL: 3-7 days.


New Furniture

Required Documents:  Proforma invoice and Certificate of Original must both be endorsed by a Qatar embassy at origin and received by the destination agent prior to shipment’s arrival.

Customs Regulations: Duty is currently 4% of CIF value on new furniture items.



Pets and Animals

Required Documents:  Master AWB – pre-advise destination agent who must confirm to relevant airline that they will be receiving a delivery of a pet. Health Certificate issued by government approved veterinary clinic at origin, confirming animal is in good general health, and that vaccinations are up to date. Health Certificate must be dated no earlier than two weeks prior to date of arrival, and must be faxed to the destination agent at least three days prior to arrival, so that local import license can be processed.

Customs Regulations:




Required Documents: 1) Proof of Ownership at origin 2) Original import manifest

Customs Regulations: Vehicle importation is restricted to vehicles that are no more than three years old. The owner of the vehicle must be resident in Qatar prior to registration of the vehicle is his/her name. No customs duty is charged on vehicles being imported for personal use.

Clearance3-5 days.



Required Documents:

Customs Regulations: Computer equipment requires a separate clearance procedure through Qatar customs. If a computer is to be included in shipment, specifications should be sent to the destination agent prior to arrival, in order that the relevant documentation can be processed in advance of shipment arrival. Customs clearance duration: 3-7 days. Books, audio/video tapes, CD’s, and books are all subject to screening by the Ministry of Information; these are normally returned within one working week. Qatar electrical main service is 240V/50 Hertz plus/minus 5% within the system.



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