Moving to Sweden

Moving to Sweden

Ports: Gothenburg, Malmoe, Stockholm, Helsingborg

Prohibited: Narcotics, Drugs

ContForty-foot container not allowed within city limits

Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

Required Documents:  Separate inventory

Customs Regulations: Import allowed provided that taxes are paid. Products will be taken over by Swedish authorities ‘Vin & Spritcentralen’ and released to owner after taxes and charges are paid. In HHG it is allowed to import 200 bottles of wine to lower taxes and charges. If the amount is more than 200 bottles the taxes are very high.

Clearance: 3 weeks. Customer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksUpon arrival to Sweden a traveller may bring in his hand luggage the following amounts duty free. Person from outside Europe: 400 cigarettes or 500 g other tobacco products; 2litres strong beer; 2 litres spirits or wine. Person from Europe: 200 cigarettes or 250 g other tobacco products; 2 litres strong beer; 1 litre spirits. If you pay the customs duties: 5 litres spirits or wine, 5 litres strong beer, and unlimited amount of tobacco products for own use.

Diplomatic Removals

Required Documents:  ‘Customs Franchise’

Customs Regulations: Customs exemption from duty is granted for 1)diplomatic representation from foreign country and their families and 2)international organization or person working for organization which has a treaty with Sweden

Clearance1 to 2 days. Customer presence required for clearance? No


Firearms and Weapons

Required Documents:  Swedish weapon license

Customs Regulations: Switch-stilettos and switchblades are not allowed. Special permission required for firearms, ammunition, fireworks, explosives, and radioactive goods.

ClearanceIf all documents are received, 1 to 2 days. Customer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksIf no license is obtained at the moment of import, the weapons can not be cleared before license is received.


Required Documents:

Customs Regulations:


RemarksWEDDING GIFTS: Household goods and personal effects received as gifts on occasion of marriage may be brought to Sweden duty-free, even if they are new. Marriage license required. INHERITED ARTICLES: May be brought to Sweden duty-free. Following documents are needed: (1) Estate inventory list, signed by executor (2) Copy of will (3) Customs form signed by owner

Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents:  (1) Swedish customs form Foersaekran for flyttsakstullfrihet signed by owner (2) Inventory of HHG in duplicate in English, French, German, or Swedish (3) OBL or AWB

Customs Regulations: Customs exemption is granted for goods other than spirits etc. for persons immigrating or returning to Sweden after more than 1 year abroad to have permanent residence in Sweden for at least one year

Clearance1 to 2 days. Customer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksClothes and other private things can be considered as personal effects and may be imported duty free, but are very often subject to inspection. By HHG is meant household articles and personal effects which are property of the immigrant and have been used by him abroad. The goods may not be brought into Sweden for commercial purposes.


Required Documents:  Certificate from medical doctor that medicine is necessary.

Customs Regulations: Allowed to import for own use only. Narcotic medicines may be brought only for 5 days use.



New Furniture

Required Documents:  (1) Sales invoices with prices, date and place of purchase (2) Packing list

Customs Regulations: Items purchased within 1 year before import are subject to customs duties

Clearance: 2 to 3 days. Customer presence required for clearance? No


Pets and Animals

Required Documents:  Permission from agriculture department

Customs Regulations: Health examination by veterinarian is required. All animals are subject to quarantine regulations.

ClearanceQuarantine time 4 months. Customer presence required for clearance? Yes

Remarks: Dogs and cats from the Scandinavian countries (except Denmark) may be imported if they have a newly received health certificate from veterinarian. Animals near extermination (and products like ivory, certain reptilian leather etc) may not be imported without special permission.


Required Documents:  Health certificate/ plant certificate from the country of origin and permission from the plant protection authorities for bulbs, living plants, fruit, onions, and vegetables if they are for commercial purposes.

Customs Regulations: Totally 5 kgs bulbs, fresh fruit, vegetables, and berries allowed as well as occ bouquets cut flowers may be imported.


RemarksPlants near extermination may not be imported without permission from country of origin and Swedish agriculture department. Plants from the Scandinavian countries: no regulations.


Required Documents:  (1) Customs form Foersaekran… separate for HHG and vehicle (2) Sales invoice identifying price, date, and place of purchase (3) Registration certificate from country of emigration

Customs Regulations: Vehicles imported with HHG. The vehicle has to be used and owned by the person moving to Sweden at least one year. You are only allowed to import one vehicle/person. Vehicles imported not as part of HHG are due to customs fees as well as excise duty (now SEK 4.80/kg – kerbweight+drivers w) duties and VAT

Clearance1 to 2 days. Customer presence required for clearance? Yes

Remarks: The vehicle may not be sold within one year from export

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