Moving to Kenya

Moving to Kenya

Ports: Mombassa

Prohibited: Live Animals; Game Trophies; Drugs; Explosives; False Money; Gambling Machines; Indecent Literature, Prints, Books And Articles; Sex Publications; Animal Traps; Toy Pistols; Rifles & Air guns; Precious Metals & Stones.


Diplomatic Removals

Required Documents:  (1) PRO IB forms approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2) Packing list (3) Passport (4) Customs C18 forms

Customs Regulations: Duty free entry. Alcoholic beverages must have approval from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in PRO-IA forms.


Remarksbill of lading and packing list necessary for duty free application.

Firearms and Weapons

Required Documents:  Valid firearms certificate to be issued by Kenya Firearms Bureau.

Customs Regulations:



Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents:  (1) Baggage declaration form C18 (2) Inventory of the goods detailing contents and numbered packages (3) Passport (4) Work permit if not citizen

Customs Regulations: Client must be changing residence, visiting country or returning to Kenya. Period of 3 months allowed for importation. Goods must have been used for at least 3 months prior to import. Owner must have arrived in country and passport should bear stamp indicating date of arrival.

ClearanceCustomer presence required for clearance? Yes

RemarksRemoval goods exclude personal computer and foodstuffs. Goods can be moved into Customs bonded warehouse pending the arrival of the owner which should not exceed 12 months.

Pets and Animals

Required Documents:

Customs Regulations: Importation prohibited or restricted.




Required Documents:  (1) Customs C15 forms (2) Certificate of registration (documents should essentially indicate engine and chassis number, first date of registration and the engine capacity) (3) New vehicles require supplier’s invoice bearing engine and chassis numbers (4) Work permit (5) Import Declaration Form (IDF), Clean Report (IDF) and Clean Report of Findings (CRF) (6) Passport (7) Certificate of local value (8) Certificate of registration

Customs Regulations: Duty-free if used in owner’s name for 12 months outside of country. Vehicles imported duty- free are not transferable for a period not less than 12 months and duty and sales taxes are payable.


RemarksDuty-free concession only given for one car.

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