Moving to Puerto Rico

Moving to Puerto Rico

Ports: San Juan, Ponce

Prohibited: Liquor & Firearms

Cont: None

Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents:  (1) Original Waybill (2) Duly completed U.S. Customs Form 3299 (3) Household Goods Freight Bill signed by owner (4) Inventory signed by owner

Customs Regulations: Customer presence required.


RemarksLocal excise taxes will be charged on the following items: sporting goods, tools, musical instruments, camera equipment, rugs, electric items, and toys.

New Furniture

Required Documents:

Customs Regulations:


RemarksLocal excise taxes of 6.6% of the commercial invoice will be charged.


Required Documents:  (1) Original Ocean Bill of Lading (2) Original Certificate of Title (3) Original automobile registration (4) U.S. Customs form 3299

Customs Regulations: Must have a notarized letter from an authorized dealer stating that car does meet U.S. Federal EPA and DOT requirements. Without this letter, the auto cannot be imported into Puerto Rico. The auto cannot arrive together with the household goods.


RemarksPrior to arrival of the shipment, the keys to vehicle, including that of the trunk, should be sent to the agent. If the vehicle has a pending balance (lien), a notarized authorization is required in order to register the vehicle in Puerto Rico from the entity financing same, plus a copy of registration certificate. Must have displayed thereon, in a prominent place, information that it fulfills the U.S. requirements pertaining to pollution, or, in lieu thereof, an accompanying certificate to that effect from the manufacturer. The vehicle is also subject to inspection in Puerto Rico by a representative of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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