Moving to Morocco

Moving to Morocco

Ports: Casablanca

Prohibited: Narcotics, Drugs, Explosives, Pornography


Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

Required Documents:

Customs Regulations: Prohibited, except for Diplomatic Corps.



Diplomatic Removals

Required Documents:  1) OBL/AWB 2) Diplomatic Franchise which must be obtained through the Embassy directly with the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Customs Regulations:

Clearance2 days. Customer’s presence is not required for clearance.


Firearms and Weapons

Required Documents:  Firearm and hunting permit to be obtained from the Moroccan authorities.

Customs Regulations:


Remarks: Only smooth-barreled hunting weapons are permitted. These are retained by Customs until the firearm and hunting permit is obtained. For this reason, they must be easily identifiable, and placed near the container’s door.

Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents:  1) OBL/AWB 2) Original Certificate of change of residence, issued by the local authority at the point of departure 3) Work permit of work certificate from the employer 4) List of book titles, records, audio and video cassettes 5) Inventory 6) Passport

Customs Regulations: All goods must be at least 6 months old.

Clearance2 to 3 days. Customer’s presence is not required for clearance.

Remarks: Containers are systematically checked by Customs. It is recommended that electrical household appliances be loaded at the door of the container. Video cassettes are also checked, and must be easily identifiable.

New Furniture

Required Documents:  Commercial invoice

Customs Regulations: Customer must pay customs duties.

Clearance3 days.


Pets and Animals

Required Documents:  1) Health Certificated, dated not more than 14 days before departure 2) AWB

Customs Regulations:

Clearance:   2 hours



Required Documents:  1) Car papers 2) Passport

Customs Regulations: Permission to circulate is granted for three months. Beyond this time, the client must pay Customs duty or export the vehicle.

Clearance2 days


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