Moving to Egypt

Moving to Egypt

Ports: Cairo

Prohibited: Firearms/weapons, Pornography


Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents:  (1) Original OBL or AWB. (2) Packing list/inventory showing number of pieces/cartons and precise contents of each. (3) Passport of shipper/owner showing residence visa.

Customs Regulations: Personnel working for government sponsored projects, AID projects, and oil companies are permitted to import household goods and personal effects duty free against a Letter of Guarantee from the sponsoring authority, approving the import and stating that the shipment will be re-exported. Shipments for others are subject to duty.


RemarksAll shipments must be consigned to: Shipper’s Name (as in passport) C/O Company Name Address & Telephone number. Duty payable on consumable items, regardless of sponsor. Special permit required for communications equipment and high frequency radios. Formalities required for video tapes, phonographic records, cassette tapes, and printed matter.

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