Moving to Philippines

Moving to Philippines

Ports: Manila

Prohibited: Firearms, Ammunition; Narcotics, Opium and Opium Smoking Paraphernalia; Pornography; Changed & Misbranded Drugs; Counterfeit, Altered or Imitated Coins, Paper Money, Banknotes And Securities.


Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

Required Documents:  NO permit required if part of household goods and in reasonable quantity for personal use.

Customs Regulations:

ClearanceCustomer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksAllowable: 3 bottles of wine; 3 bottles of liquor; 3 cartons of cigarettes or cigars.

Diplomatic Removals

Required Documents:  (1) Original OBL or AWB (2) Inventory (3) Original diplomatic passport (4) Tax exemption certificate from embassy concerned (5) Endorsement or approval from Philippine Department of Finance.

Customs Regulations: Duty-free.

Clearance3-5 days. Customer presence required for clearance? No


Firearms and Weapons

Required Documents:

Customs Regulations: Prohibited.



Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents:  (1) Original OBL or AWB (2) Packing list or inventory (3) Customer’s original passport.

Customs Regulations: Tax-free for non-resident but subject to 5% ad valorem. Only applicable on initial shipment in case of multiple single consignee shipments. Goods must have been in possession for at least one month prior to arrival. Must arrive within 90 days of shipper’s arrival.

Clearance5-7 working days – customer presence required is subject to Customs Personnel discretion.

RemarksReturning residents are each entitled to tax-free allowance of P 10,000 except minors. Articles must have been in possession for at least six months. Temporary visitors can import provided they file re-export bond good for 6 months or pay corresponding duties and taxes.

Pets and Animals

Required Documents:  (1) Health certificate and vaccination certificate issued by a competent veterinarian from origin (2) Original OBL or AWB (3) Identification card of the pet.

Customs Regulations: Duty-free.

ClearanceCustomer presence required for clearance? No

RemarksPermit to import should be secured from the Philippine Bureau of Animal Industry upon presentation of the proper documents. Animals such as race horses and game fowls are subject to duties and taxes.


Required Documents:  (1) Original Registration Certificate (2) Shipper’s original passport (3) Plane ticket or Certificate of Arrival (4) Commercial or sales invoice (5) Original OBL/AWB (6) Stencils of chassis and engine numbers.

Customs Regulations: Vehicles imported under B.P. No. 73 – piston displacement and curb weight of vehicle should not exceed 2800 cc piston displacement and 1500 kgs. respectively.

Clearance10-15 working days; customer presence required at discretion of Customs Personnel

RemarksApplication of Authority to Import should be processed and submitted to Bureau of Import Services prior to departure of vehicle from origin.

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