Moving to Guatemala

Moving to Guatemala

Ports: Santo Tomas

Prohibited: Check


Household Goods and Personal Effects

Required Documents:  (1) Shipping advice including a contact address for client (2) Signed original ocean bill of lading or original airwaybill (3) Clear and legible inventory (4) Passports for each member of family

Customs Regulations: Because of congestion at Central Customs, clearance is usually requested at residence. Customer must deposit at the Central Bank of Guatemala an amount as guarantee on import duties to be paid. Duties are calculated at $1.50/Gross Kilogram.

Clearance3-5 days. Customer presence required for clearance? Yes



Required Documents:  (1) Original and 2 copies of Bill of Lading or AWB legalized at the Guatemalan Consulate at Port of Embarkation (2) Original and 2 copies of Commercial Invoice legalized by Consulate (3) Passport of owner (4) Original Title and Registration

Customs Regulations: The release of the vehicle by Customs authorities will be attained only after all import duties have been paid.


RemarksAny ‘luxury’ items such as radio/cassette, air conditioning, magnesium wheels, etc., will result in very high duties. Automobiles with foreign number plates may circulate in the country on a temporary permit which can be renewed every three months, but the owner cannot leave the country unless his car has been re-exported beforehand.

Pets and Animals

Required Documents:  Health/Vaccination Certificate from origin dated 30 days prior to arrival. Documents must be legalized by Guatemalan Consulate.

Customs Regulations:



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