Valuation (Insurance)

To protect yourself against potential loss and damage to your shipment en route to your destination, it is highly recommended that you are covered by some form of valuation (insurance). Rainier Overseas can provide you with marine insurance coverage through several reputable companies offering policies which provide coverage for international shipments from door to door. Around the time of pick up from your home, you will be responsible for filling out a valued inventory list for valuation which will be provided by Rainier.  On this form, you will identify the items you would like covered as well as their approximate values.

It is important that you make an effort to value your ENTIRE shipment and that values account for REPLACEMENT values at the destination country. Undervaluing your shipment will lead to problems with reimbursements in claims situations. Once you have calculated the total value of your shipment, multiply this amount by the valuation rate you received from Rainier and this will give you the final valuation premium to be paid.

When the form is complete, please send it to Rainier by fax or e-mail so your valuation policy can be set up.

All policies offered by Rainier will cover your shipment for any loss and/or damage incurred from the time we take possession of your goods until they are delivered to your new home. Insurance coverage for those shippers receiving port-only service terminates when the goods are picked up from our port facility. For more information regarding the specifics of this coverage, please consult with a Rainier representative.