Port Fees and Handling Charges/Taxes

Customs inspection:

Customs inspections are conducted at random in all countries and though they are not particularly common for household good shipments from the US, they do occur periodically and charges for these inspections are paid by you, the owner of the goods.  You are not required to be present during the inspection.

Storage: For Liftvans: Ask your sale representative

Demurrage (charges by the steamship lines – for full container only): These charges vary from country to country. As a general rule, the steamship lines typically allow 1-7 days free of charge. This is the typical time it takes for a shipment to clear customs, have your goods unloaded or delivered to your residence and return the empty container back to port. If for some reason you are unable to receive your shipment after it clears customs and we have to hold the container longer than the allotted free time, you will be responsible for the daily demurrage charges. These charges will be approx. $50-$100 per day.

Import duties:

As billed.  You should check with your local Consulate, or Embassy of the destination country to find out what items in your shipment may be subject to duty and what those duties may be.

Note: For customers who are considering shipping a car:
Duties and taxes on cars can be extremely high and restrictions are extremely stringent in a lot of countries throughout the world. Before deciding to ship a car, it is important to check with the destination country’s Consulate or motor vehicle department.