Shipment in Transit

(Consolidated Shipments)

Regardless of payment status, your liftvans will be waterproofed, stenciled, secured with metal banding and then transported to one of our port consolidation warehouses in such cities are Baltimore, Chicago, Boston, New York, Miami, Houston, Oakland or Los Angeles.  Any purchases, such as appliances that were initially shipped out to port, will be matched up at this time with the rest of your household goods.  Your liftvans will then wait at this port facility until Rainier has enough freight to fill a consolidated container.

Once the containers are loaded, they are sealed and then trucked or railed immediately to the final port of departure. Upon the steamship vessel’s arrival to port, the container, which holds your goods will be loaded on deck and soon after it will begin its journey on the water.

Total Door-to-Door transit time will be listed on the quotation provided to you by the Rainier sales representative.

Please consult with your Rainier representative to meet your scheduling needs.  Whenever possible, we will attempt to make the appropriate arrangements to meet your requests.

Rainier will handle all paperwork and documentation to insure smooth handling of your shipment as well as track its progress while in transit.  For status updates, simply call or e-mail your Rainier representative.

Rainier will forward all required documents and insurance papers to our destination agent who will be ready to meet with you upon your arrival.