Moving to China from USA

As wonderful a place as the USA is, there are other countries around the world that are equally exciting and maybe even more exciting. China has quickly moved from an under-developed country to a developing country, something that is not easy when you have a billion people to upgrade. The opportunities that are opening up each day in China make it a very desirable place to visit, and for those who have good cause, an even better place to move to.

Moving to China from USA may have once been thought of as very difficult. But today, we at Rainier Overseas Movers, have dozens of shipments from the USA to China each year. Some families are moving to China from the USA for business opportunities, for educational opportunities, to learn the language, and others just to experience a culture that is very different from ours.

At Rainier Overseas Movers, our goal is to make your move to China as simple as possible. From making sure your valued possessions are packed correctly, marked and itemized, to making sure the people who unpack you in China treat you with the same courtesy and respect. We will make sure you have the insurance to cover for any accidents at sea as well as any accidents on the ground.

You might think that given the distance between these two countries, the shipping time to China from the USA might take months. But in today’s shipping fleets, expect your shipment to arrive in 6-8 weeks.

We will be monitoring your possessions from the time we pick them up at your home in the USA, until they arrive at your new home in China.

China is such a different country than the USA that you are guaranteed to have some very special and unique experiences that you will cherish your entire life.

Whether you are moving to China from the USA for a year, for 3 years or for the rest of your life, we at Rainier Overseas Movers will do everything possible to make sure you have all your needed and sentimental possessions with you.

Moving to China from the USA has become a very fashionable and politically correct choice for many families. So welcome aboard if this is your next destination as well.

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