Customs Inventory

The last step in preparation for your move is to create an inventory list for customs of all items you have packed yourself. This inventory needs to adhere to a standard format but should detail clearly the complete contents of your shipment.

You do not need to itemize EVERYTHING you are shipping but you should be careful to individually list:

  • 1. Electronics and Appliances (should indicate make, model and serial number)
  • 2. Musical Instruments
  • 3. Sporting and Exercise Equipment
  • 4. Carpets (should indicate sizes)
  • 5. Anything for use outside of the house (e.g., barbecue grills, storage sheds, etc.)

Most other items can be listed by categories such as clothing, books, toys, kitchen utensils, pictures, decorations, CDs, DVDs, linens, house wares, etc.

Your movers will be creating a professional packing list on move day but they will not include the contents of any sealed boxes. Therefore, if the movers do not pack your entire shipment, use of their inventory will be insufficient in clearing your shipment through customs and can often result in additional fees and delays.

When your customs inventory is complete, send a copy to Rainier and bring the original with you for customs clearance