Additional Services

If Rainer is aware in advance of any additional services which you will require at the destination, we will try to include the associated costs for these services in your Door-to-Door rate. If not, you will be responsible for paying these charges directly to our agent. These additional services are as follows:

  • 1. Delivery above 2nd floor (20 steps from street level if there is no elevator)
  • 2. Long carry from street to residence (greater than 75 feet)
  • 3. Special Handling for extra large items (e.g., hoisting with crane or pulley through windows/balcony, taking off doors, disassembling, re-assembling, etc.)
  • 4. Upright piano handling –up to 2nd floor
  • 5. Baby grand piano handling –up to 2nd floor
  • 6. Grand piano handling –up to 2nd floor
  • 7. Additional Stops
  • 8. Carpenter Service for furniture re-assembly
  • 9. Shuttle
  • 10. Additional debris removal