Shipping a Boat from Seattle to Dakar

Rainier Overseas Recently shipped a rowboat from Seattle to Dakar

Every international move we perform at Rainier Overseas Movers, Inc. is unique and this one move really proves that point.

We recently got a call from a new client who told us they wanted to ship a rowboat from the United States to Dakar, Senegal so he and his team could row across the Atlantic Ocean from Dakar, Senegal to Miami.

We’re proud to say that Rainier Overseas Movers, Inc. was privileged to be a part of this amazing adventure.

A group of four brave men who are a part of an expedition and research team for O.A.R Northwest (Ocean Adventure Rowing & Education) and the Canadian Wildlife Federation based in Seattle, Washington worked with David Wiviott, move coordinator for Rainier Overseas, to ship their specialized four man rowboat from Seattle, Washington to Dakar, Senegal.

This move included amazing logistics and all went without a hitch thanks to fantastic teamwork and assistance from multiple agents worldwide.

We trucked the boat across the United States from Seattle to New York City, where it was loaded into a 40’ container for it’s voyage via ocean freight to Dakar.

Rainier Overseas Movers recently moved a rowboat from Seattle To Dakar.

The boat made it to Dakar without incident, and today you will find this amazing crew rowing westbound across the Atlantic Ocean at a whopping speed of 1 to 3 knots on their journey to Miami.

You can follow their adventure at

Real time tracking is available along with daily Facebook and Twitter updates from the team.

We wish team OAR Northwest safe travels and look forward to your arrival in Miami!