Moving to Latin America? Rainier Overseas has you covered

If you are thinking about moving to Latin America, we have you covered. The Americas, especially this summer, is a perfect time to make a move but you need to book early since it is the busiest moving time of the season. The 2016 Summer #Olympics is underway and summer is in full swing with warm weather, blue clear water and white sandy beaches.

Rainier Overseas is a proud member of the Latin America and Caribbean International Movers Association (lacma). Lacma’s membership consists of experienced and prestigious moving and relocation companies from the Americas and throughout the world.

In March, we were part of the lacma convention that was held in Bogota, Columbia. The convention brought together some of the most innovative and award-winning moving companies in the world. Moving to the Americas can be challenging at times and it’s important to make sure to hire the most experienced and knowledgeable movers in the industry. We work with excellent lacma members who are well-known in the market for their strong customer support, reliability and availability as well.

Lacma members are the best at what they do and their services are second to none. Your shipments and overall move will be in the best hands possible.

As a lacma member, Rainier Overseas will ensure your move to be the smoothest and safest ever. If you plan to make a move somewhere in Latin America or the Caribbean, please feel free to email Cesar Castro and you’ll receive personal service directly from me and the best that lacma has to offer. Please visit their website at for more information.