Moving stress-relievers

Moving can be a daunting task and stressful especially if you have other family members that are moving with you like a spouse, partner, children and even pets relocating somewhere overseas. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed at times and have anxiety but it can be significantly reduced with moving stress-relievers.

One moving stress-reliever is leaving all the moving to us including packing your personal belongings. We will come to you with a professional surveyor to itemize your possessions and let the movers take care of it from day one until your final destination.

Another stress-reliever is having the moving company pack all of your belongings for you and even better yet, have them unpack everything for you as well at your final moving destination. Much of the stress in moving is packing and unpacking. Leave that to us and you’ll have extra time for other important things in your life. Movers are stocked with moving supplies like excellent moving boxes, moving pads, straps and stretch wrap to ensure your possessions are packed and safe during your move.

If your employer has asked you to relocate to another country, more often than not, the company usually pays for your move. If not, ask your supervisor or human resources representative and put together a rough estimated budget (I can assist you with this) and present it to your employer. Your company will be interested in keeping your stress levels to a minimum so you are able to adjust to your new home, location and position without having to stress about moving.

When it comes to a financial stress-reliever, your moving is if it’s for work is tax deductible. In addition, there are plenty of resources you can tap into in order to make your move hassle-free. Rainier Overseas is a member of the International Association of Movers (IAM) and the industry’s largest trade association has plenty of resources for you and services in more than 170 countries. You can visit them at

By allowing a moving company to do everything for you from point A to point B, it will limit the stress and free up time for you to focus on the things that really matter to you like adjusting your family, discovering your new city, and getting to know new friends and neighbors.

Safe moving!