Will moving to Europe from the USA increase your chances of finding love?

While the numbers of people who move to Europe from the USA continue to be steady, the idea that you are more likely find romance abroad is a myth that is simply not true.

This is an idea put forth in the latest blog posting of Elizabeth Carlsson, a journalist for the internationally renowned “The Local” which is one of Sweden’s most respected English language news sites.

While the news of these findings put forth by Carlsson may seem trivial in regard to the global big picture, in truth there are a startling high amount of thoughts and theories presented by her that match the common characteristic stereotypes of Europeans that many in the world have grown to be accustomed to.

Chief among these is Carlsson’s assertion that, to many of the men she has dated, she will always be a “foreigner” and she seems no closer to shedding this label. She says that she is frequently regarded as the American with all of the typical American traits that USA citizens supposedly possess and that that has hindered her ability to meet, date and, ultimately, find her soul mate since relocating to Europe.

The irony in the story is that this is the exact reputation that Europe has been trying to avoid. They have been pushing for decades the concept that the general population refuses to stereotype foreigners and to have a well known publication such as “The Local,” with its army of readers, publish such a story to paint so much of Europe in a negative light (Carlsson first lived in London before Stockholm) cannot be something that puts immigration officials in a good mood.

It is yet to be determined what effect, if any, the publishing of such a story has on the situation on the ground. Will European officials urge community leaders to fight against this seemingly everlasting stereotype of its citizens being cold and un-accepting of foreigners? Or will the story get ignored along with the many others of those who move to Europe from the USA and continue to tell similar tales?

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Inspiration for anyone making the move to China from the USA

As the number of people who move to China from the USA increases, so do the fears, questions and uncertainties of these people making such a dramatic move to a foreign country across the world.

Being where we are in society today it is no surprise, then, that many of these people are taking their concerns to the Internet and, happily, there is tons of useful information for this group to allay their fears. I came across just such a piece today entitled An American Girl in Shanghai which is the blog postings of a woman from the USA who moved to China with her husband and wanted to share it with the many who are either making or thinking of making this move in the future as it provides both encouragement and inspiration for anyone else on the cusp of such a change who is feeling that “big step” anxiousness.

The woman takes you through many of the day to day doings in her new surroundings and takes you along for her shopping trips, a visit to the Shanghai Marriage Market, Olympic viewing, challenges receiving her luggage, road trips, her first week of teaching duties, ventures to local events and more.

As someone who himself has made that dramatic move from the USA to a foreign country I can say first hand how valuable such stories are. While movers can read all of the “how to” guides and country brochures that are available (and there are lots) there is nothing that can provide a more calming influence on someone making such a drastic relocation as the real life happenings – and mishaps – that a real life person in a similar situation is undertaking. Stories like these always helped to soothe me and my family when we moved our lives to a different part of the world and I highly recommend the blog posts of Anne Marie and her husband Chris to anyone else who is looking for that extra boost of encouragement.

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Is it smart to move to Australia from USA?

Potential immigrants debate the pros and cons

As moving to Australia from the USA has gotten more popular amongst Americans throughout the country it was extremely apropos that I came upon a great discussion regarding a twenty year old with a father with a deep military background who has moved quite often throughout his life and is now considering moving permanently to Australia from America.

The discussion underscores the immense popularity of Australia as this is a person who has traveled all over the world and he has found Australia to be the most attractive place to relocate to. The replies to the potential immigrant were both varied and fascinating and I think it was the first response that really carried the tone of the conversation and stressed the general feelings of those around the world that have made relocating to Australia so tempting.

The responder spoke of how Australia was one of the few countries in the world that has come through the global financial crisis with unemployment holding at record lows, how the climate in Australia is generally magnificent throughout the year, how it consists of friendly people who welcome outsiders and more.

These are generally all of the usual reasons you’ll hear about why people have decided to move to the Land Down Under. With all these reasons, in addition to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a reasonable cost of living and a democratically elected government, it seems safe to say that the trend of moving to Australia from the USA and, really, from other places throughout the world, will only continue to keep moving in a positive direction.

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