Important tips about moving your valuable items

When you move your valuable items, it’s like moving your own personal antiques roadshow. I’m not talking about your sentimental items like the blue ribbon trophy you won for “Best in Show” of your pet but your belongings that are worth a whole lot of money.

You want to make sure that these items such as computers, stereo equipment, flat screen smart TVs, high-end electronic equipment etc. are safely moved without being damaged.

Here are some tips to moving your expensive possessions whether to another state or overseas:
• Ensure your moving company has experience transporting antiques and other expensive valuables. Also check their references and reviews.
• Make sure to discuss with your moving agent to insure all of your items but especially your expensive valuables. It’s way better to be safe than sorry.
• Make sure to work with your agent to document your high-end valuables to show your valuables in their current condition. It’s all about your peace -of-mind.
• When the surveyor is out to look at your items, make sure to point out your significant pieces when you do the walk-through to get your quote. Movers can transport these items safely, but most people can’t tell a King Lear table from a Louis Vuitton recliner. Make sure everyone knows what’s what.
• On moving day, make sure your agent has given the information about your expensive items to the employees who will actually be doing the heavy lifting. It’s important they are informed to protect your items.
Other valuable items
• For an extra minimal fee, moving companies will also pack your belongings. If you have valuable and fragile items, let them do the work because they are highly skilled on how to pack your important and valuable stuff so it’s not damaged during transit.
• It’s always best to move electronics in their original containers. They may be a pain to save, but your desktop computer will slide nicely into that authentic company box. After all, it was safely shipped that way once. The second transport should be no different if you still have the original boxes. If not, your movers will pack them safely.

If you make sure your mover has experience moving expensive items, have the moving team pack your items as well as ensuring your valuables are insured, you’ll fret less if you’ve done everything you can to provide a safe transition for your prized possessions.

Safe moving!