What you can pack and what you should leave to overseas movers to pack for you

When moving overseas whether for business or if it’s personal, you may wonder what makes sense to pack yourself and what to leave to professional movers. Some things are easy for you to pack but most important things, you should leave it to the mover. Like I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs, packing items yourself will put your possessions at greater risk for damage but more importantly, it won’t be covered by insurance if items get ruined en route to your final destination.
Here’s some important information to consider what you can pack and what to leave for your mover to move. Keep in mind, I highly recommend for your mover to do all the packing for you, less hassle and will save you time and money in the long run. But I know some people like to pack items themselves and if this is the case, here’s some important information to consider:

• Make sure to ask your mover what boxes and containers they have to offer. Cardboard boxes from grocery stores are not appropriate especially when moving overseas. They are easily damaged, can get soiled and won’t protect your personal belongings like professional moving containers can.
• Request a surveyor to come out and assess all of your belongings, he or she will let you know how many containers you’ll need to move your items and can provide them to you for the goods you plan to pack yourself. You need to have a surveyor come out anyway and remember, it’s free to receive an in-home or office estimate.
• If you do some of your own packing, goods I recommend are items that don’t break and are easy to pack include the following:
o Books, paper files
o Sheets, pillows
o Blankets, towels
o Other unbreakable type of goods
• Keep in mind, any items you pack yourself won’t be covered by insurance because your mover will not be able to verify the items you packed were properly protected for transportation overseas or elsewhere.
• Ensure your boxes are properly identified by labeling each container appropriately (your mover can assist you with this).

If you plan to move items yourself, make sure to get a head start and pack early because it does take time. Use these tips if you are the “packing type,” but to save you time and heartache, leave it to us to do all your moving so your personal possessions are insured and you have peace-of-mind.

Safe moving!

Utilizing Embassies and Consulates When Moving Overseas

When you are moving to another country, it can be a hassle at times if something should go wrong. Rest assured, consulates and embassies are there to assist you when you become a foreign citizen in a new land.

More often than not, you’ll be dealing with a consulate most of the time but there are times when you may need to utilize an embassy. Here’s some important information about consulates and embassies and what type of diplomatic services they can provide to you if needed when heading overseas.

Here’s what you need to know about each of them:
They are the official diplomatic representation, or mission, of one government to another. The person in charge, usually an ambassador, is the personal representative of the respective nation’s head of state. Embassies are responsible for government-to-government relations. A country has only one embassy in each of the other countries with which it has diplomatic relations. It’s typically located in the nation’s capital city. In some countries, renewing passports for citizens while they’re abroad might occur only at an embassy, not a consulate.

Consulates may be established in other large or commercially important cities. If nations don’t have full diplomatic relations, one country might establish a consulate, but not an embassy with an ambassador. A consulate’s primary function is to provide services for residents or travelers.
Some of the services consulates can provide include the following:
• Renewing passports
• Replacing lost or stolen passports
• Providing aid in obtaining medical and legal assistance
• Notarizing documents
• Assisting with tax returns and absentee voting
• Making arrangements in the event of death
• Registering births to nationals abroad
• Certifying—but not performing or granting—marriages and divorces abroad
• Providing information on dealing with host country authorities
• Arranging for evacuation or other assistance in emergency situations

Some consulates may have a community liaison officer who maintains contact with nationals residing in the area. It may be a part-time position filled by the spouse of a consulate official, but the officer is likely a valuable person to know.
Before you move, know the location and contact of the consulate or embassy so if you are in need of any diplomatic services, you know exactly where to call and who to be in touch with.
For a list of embassies and consulates, please visit USEmbassy.gov and or GoAbroad.gov for a specific consulate or embassy by country.
Safe moving!

Testimonials To Call Home About

When you decide to move overseas or within the U.S., you need to do your research so you find not only a reputable mover but a mover that has a strong track record of ensuring your personal belongings are moved safely. There are plenty of reputable moving companies to choose from, but if you are looking for an awesome moving company that has the “Midas” touch, you found the right mover.
We are a boutique moving company that provides hands-on service to all of our clients. In other words, when you decide to move with us, you will receive personal service from our experienced movers instead of being assigned to a novice mover with little experience like many of our competitors do.
Testimonials are a great way to assess if a moving company has the “right stuff” to move your household goods safely and on time.

Below are some testimonials from this year I’d like to share with you from our customers who used our services at Rainier Overseas and were more than pleased with their moves:

“I’m very thankful for your services and will be quick to recommend you to anyone who might be looking for a moving service.”

Steve B.
(New York, NY)

“Thanks so much for your help, definitely a much easier process than I expected and the best money I’ve ever spent.”

Meredith L.
(St. Louis, MO)

“I wanted to write and thank Rainier Overseas for an excellent job in shipping, storing and delivering our household items to us yesterday. Everything looks great and the service has been exceptional, both in Denmark and in the US. The goods were packaged extremely well and the packaging and delivery people on both sides did an outstanding job. I also appreciate the excellent communication from all parties with regard to our shipment/delivery. My family very much appreciates this level of service.”

(Los Angeles, CA)

“We thank you very very much for everything and the amazing job you did we are so very pleased, appreciating your hard work and happy we chose you to do our move if you need any recommendation please let us know.
Have a great day!”

Beny R.
(Seattle, WA)

“Over the past few months, Cesar Castro’s attention to details, precise information and guidance helped me decide that I should hire Rainier. I had other options and spoke with a few other companies but the service from Cesar and Missy was above expectations. All my questions were answered by him and Missy almost immediately. The agent in Brazil – Denilson – was fantastic! Congratulations on having a strong team.”

Andre Suaid
(San Francisco, CA)

“We received the lift last week and wanted to thank you all for the excellent delivery, everything got to our apartment in perfect condition (and we noticed just how well everything was packed back in Albany) and the delivery went smoothly!
(We just gave our recommendation to another couple in the UC village). Thank you very much for the excellent service!”

Rinat Rosenberg K.
(Palo Alto, CA)

Want More? – https://www.rainieros.com/testimonials/ 
Safe moving!