What you can pack and what you should leave to overseas movers to pack for you

When moving overseas whether for business or if it’s personal, you may wonder what makes sense to pack yourself and what to leave to professional movers. Some things are easy for you to pack but most important things, you should leave it to the mover. Like I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs, packing items yourself will put your possessions at greater risk for damage but more importantly, it won’t be covered by insurance if items get ruined en route to your final destination.
Here’s some important information to consider what you can pack and what to leave for your mover to move. Keep in mind, I highly recommend for your mover to do all the packing for you, less hassle and will save you time and money in the long run. But I know some people like to pack items themselves and if this is the case, here’s some important information to consider:

• Make sure to ask your mover what boxes and containers they have to offer. Cardboard boxes from grocery stores are not appropriate especially when moving overseas. They are easily damaged, can get soiled and won’t protect your personal belongings like professional moving containers can.
• Request a surveyor to come out and assess all of your belongings, he or she will let you know how many containers you’ll need to move your items and can provide them to you for the goods you plan to pack yourself. You need to have a surveyor come out anyway and remember, it’s free to receive an in-home or office estimate.
• If you do some of your own packing, goods I recommend are items that don’t break and are easy to pack include the following:
o Books, paper files
o Sheets, pillows
o Blankets, towels
o Other unbreakable type of goods
• Keep in mind, any items you pack yourself won’t be covered by insurance because your mover will not be able to verify the items you packed were properly protected for transportation overseas or elsewhere.
• Ensure your boxes are properly identified by labeling each container appropriately (your mover can assist you with this).

If you plan to move items yourself, make sure to get a head start and pack early because it does take time. Use these tips if you are the “packing type,” but to save you time and heartache, leave it to us to do all your moving so your personal possessions are insured and you have peace-of-mind.

Safe moving!