Make sure your documents are in order when moving internationally

If you plan to move overseas any time soon, it’s important that you have all of your documents in order before you move. Many tend to forget that you must provide proper paperwork documenting your identity when living abroad. In addition, it’s also important to have employment contracts, lease and rental agreements in hand as well as medical insurance and records especially if there is an unforeseen medical emergency while traveling to your overseas destination.

Documents on the plane:
When you are boarding the plane to head overseas, besides your passport and visa, make sure you have the following paperwork not only for you, but for each member of your family too if appropriate or anyone else that’s moving with you:
• Identification
• Driver’s license
• Certificates of citizenship for naturalized individuals
• Marriage certificate
• Adoption papers
• Divorce and child custody papers if your children are accompanying you abroad (if applicable)

Depending on the country you’re traveling to, you may also need passport-size photographs for your visa upon your arrival, as well as the lease or rental agreement for housing in your new country so authorities know where you’ll be living. Also, make sure you make a copy of your passport and visa just in case you lose either one of them or both when traveling. It’s much easier to go to an embassy or consulate with copies of your passport and visa so officials can look you up right away. Without copies, it could take up to several days. This is a good tip when you are generally traveling overseas or on vacation.

It’s also useful to have several copies of employment contracts. If you don’t have a contract, you should have a letter from your employer outlining terms of the overseas assignment such as length of stay, salary, housing arrangements, and any other pertinent considerations. Your employer may already have secured the necessary permits and approvals for you to live and work abroad, having such documentation handy may answer any questions that arise when dealing with local host-country authorities.

In case of an emergency:
In addition to the documentation necessary for your family to enter the country, you also want to have important paperwork close by in case of emergencies. You should include the following:
• Medical insurance coverage
• Medical records
• Dental records
• Property and motor vehicle insurance records
• Income tax records for several previous years
• Wills
• Power of attorney
Remember to make multiple copies of every important document to take with you and don’t accidentally pack them away with belongings you’re shipping. Gathering all of this essential paperwork ahead of time will help to ensure you’re prepared for your transition to living in a foreign country.

Safe moving!