Tips to packing hangers

Last week, I provided you tips on what not to store in storage when you move, this week, I’m going to give you tips on packing hangers, yes, hangers because that can become a challenge at times.

Packing hangers seems like a no-brainer but it really isn’t. If you don’t pack them properly, they can scratch surfaces, break or ruined hangers, torn or damages clothes and improper storage can cost you money.

Here are some simple tips to store hangers:
• Keep your hangers separate from your woods and plastic items.
• Stack them neatly one on top of the other in bundles to not damage your belongings.
• Use rubber bands to secure the hangers and your clothes, it fixes them is place.
• The other option to rubber bands is stretch wrap but make sure to not use packing tape because it will ruin the surfaces of some of your items.
• Once your hangers and clothes are stacked, wrap them in an old bed sheet so they protect your other belongings during the move

Safe moving!