Tips to writing an online review for your movers

This week, I am going to take a deep dive and provide you with more useful and explicit tips on writing an effective online review. The best moving company reviews are honest and straight forward. People believe what is written in reviews and take into account when making decisions on which company they plan to hire.

Some of the tips to take into consideration include the following:
• Provide succinct and useful information – Review the facts that you would want to know if you were planning a house move. In other words, think about what customers would want to know about your move when considering the company you used. Focus on customer service, efficiency, trustworthiness and overall experience.
• Be impartial and give a factual account of your moving experience – Don’t get too personal or melodramatic. Like on the long-running series of Dragnet, “just give us the facts ma’am.” List all of the pros and cons of your move to make your review more helpful and objective for your readers. If something did go wrong, don’t blame the movers unless it was really their fault.
• Don’t use offensive language or personal attacks – Some reviewers use bad language and it’s counter-productive. Even if you are correct, if you use foul language, it will demonstrate that you are rude and not credible in your review.
• Use proper grammar, no spelling mistakes – You want to be sure your online review is credible and trusted. A good tip here is to write your review in Word, grammar and spell check it in the document and then cut and paste it in the online box the sites provide for reviews.

Lastly, I would post your review on several websites such as Yelp, BBB,, and other pertinent sites so your opinion and review will be read and understood literally throughout the world.

Safe moving!