Thanking your movers

Professional movers do extremely difficult work in moving families, businesses, offices and much more. It’s very appreciated when you can take the time to demonstrate how thankful you are to them. That is, if your move went as planned.

Last week, I covered what things movers want you to know and do prior to moving. This week, I’m going to discuss how to show appreciation to your movers for a job well done.

Here are some tips to consider when thanking your movers:
• Be prepared before moving day – As discussed last week, have boxes labeled and everything ready to be packed before your movers arrive. Per my recommendation, have your movers pack your household goods and ensure your goods are not in the way of driveways, walkways etc. You want to make it easy for your movers to get around.
• Respect movers’ essentials – Provide lunch, snacks, plenty of water and other non-alcoholic drinks for them to keep their energy up for the entire day of the move. Also remember to have plenty of liquid soap, paper towels in your restrooms along with easy access to them.
• Availability – In another indirect way to show appreciation is to be available during the move. If something comes up or they may have questions during the move, be there. Keep in mind not to be a pest though and micromanage the move.
• Tipping – I have covered this in a prior blog but always good to cover it again as a friendly reminder. Tipping is not required at all but if they did a spectacular job for you, please tip them. Always give cash when tipping and give roughly each mover $4 to $5 per hour of the overall move.
• Supervisory thanks – One of the best ways to thank your movers is to thank their supervisors. The “boss” always wants to know how his or her employees are doing on site. Request your movers’ supervisor’s name and phone number, inform them that you are going to put in a “good word” on their behalf for a job well done. This goes a long way and is an ideal thank you to them.

Movers have grueling workdays at times and providing them thanks will show your appreciation and dedication to the fine work your moving experts did on your behalf.

Safe moving!