Tips about crating services

When you plan on moving your household goods and items, most of the time, boxes are sufficient to protect your belongings during an international transit. However, there are at times when professional movers and packers would recommend using crating services.

Remember that custom crate services are more expensive than the standard price of packing. But if you want to make sure your valuable antiques and other types of items are not damaged during the move, crates are the way to go.

Here are some tips and guidelines to consider when to use or not to use crates. If you own specialty items such as a pool table, piano, hot tub, big pieces of furniture both in size and weight, standard packaging will apply. However, if you own expensive and valuable possessions, consider using crates for the following expensive items:
• Motorcycle such as a Harley that is too valuable to be transported any other way
• Priceless artworks such as paintings, sculptures etc.
• Antique furniture, mirrors, anything valuable, large and breakable
• Collectors’ items worth thousands if not millions of dollars
• Fine wine collection
• Any type of electronic equipment that is valuable and easily breakable

If you have other items not listed here but are concerned whether you should use crates or not, mention it to me when scheduling your move and I will provide you professional guidance regarding packaging options.

Next week, I will give you some insights on how custom crating works.

Safe moving!

Major risks to consider if you move DIY

Whether you are moving to another city, state or country, trying to move yourself is highly not recommended. So many things can go wrong if you plan to do it yourself without the help of professional movers who move daily and know how to avoid the moving pitfalls.

DIY moves can not only be disastrous but can lead to lost time, higher costs and damaged household goods. Here are some of the risks if you decide to move on your own:
1. Time suck – Trying to move by yourself will take you a ton of time. You will need to rent a moving truck and if it’s overseas or just across the country, long time to just move. This doesn’t include trying to convince friends to help and to pack all of your household goods. Professionals can do that for you in record time. And if you make mistakes, it will cost you more time and even days.

2. Increased costs – Many people assume and wrongly I might add, that moving by yourself will save money. Quite the contrary. Remember to take into consideration of the hidden costs of DIY. If you are moving a short distance and have lots of friends to do almost everything for you, not too much of a problem. If not, consider the expenses for truck rental, packing supplies, insurance, moving equipment, fuel and then fuel charges, taxes, hotels etc., it adds up and becomes expensive.

3. Damaged household goods – DIY movers under estimate how heavy their furniture, appliances, large valuable items and other things that are difficult to move. Trying not to damage large household appliances, furniture legs trying to get through doorways usually get ripped right off. Professional movers make every effort to minimize damage plus, they carry moving insurance so if damage is done, you can receive compensation.

4. Home damage – DIY movers also don’t take into consideration the damage they can do to their own property. Scratched hardwood floors, broken and cracked tiles, chipped and dented walls etc. Professional movers know the ins and outs to making safe moves by including pertinent moving equipment, canvass for all floors, and other protective gear not to damage the home.

5. Potential injuries – This is one of the more riskier things DIY movers could experience. Lifting heavy appliances can throw out your back and put you in the hospital for a few days, trust me, it happens frequently. Other injuries could happen by falling down the stairs, equipment lands on your feet or even entire body breaking bones. Remember to the safety of small children and pets during a DIY move.

As you can see, there are many risks involved when moving yourself. Leave it to the professionals to save time, money, less risks of damage but especially of all, your peace-of-mind.

Safe moving!