Tips about crating services

When you plan on moving your household goods and items, most of the time, boxes are sufficient to protect your belongings during an international transit. However, there are at times when professional movers and packers would recommend using crating services.

Remember that custom crate services are more expensive than the standard price of packing. But if you want to make sure your valuable antiques and other types of items are not damaged during the move, crates are the way to go.

Here are some tips and guidelines to consider when to use or not to use crates. If you own specialty items such as a pool table, piano, hot tub, big pieces of furniture both in size and weight, standard packaging will apply. However, if you own expensive and valuable possessions, consider using crates for the following expensive items:
• Motorcycle such as a Harley that is too valuable to be transported any other way
• Priceless artworks such as paintings, sculptures etc.
• Antique furniture, mirrors, anything valuable, large and breakable
• Collectors’ items worth thousands if not millions of dollars
• Fine wine collection
• Any type of electronic equipment that is valuable and easily breakable

If you have other items not listed here but are concerned whether you should use crates or not, mention it to me when scheduling your move and I will provide you professional guidance regarding packaging options.

Next week, I will give you some insights on how custom crating works.

Safe moving!