Your own overseas help-desk right at your fingertips

So now you have useful online tools when moving overseas from last week’s blog, but what about essential international moving links to ensure you have a safe and smooth overseas move with useful information you need at your fingertips.

I have compiled useful information from some of my previous blogs that you should bookmark and make sure they are with you before venturing overseas. It is like having your own personal help-desk wherever you go:
Passports and visas – Descriptions of passports and visas and tips to ensure you have the right one before you move.
International paperwork – There is a lot of paperwork you will need before moving and a list is provided to ensure you have all the needed documentation before moving overseas.
Moving automobiles – Tips when you have a car or other type of transportation that needs to be moved overseas.
Utilizing embassies and consulates – This blog provides you tips on how to take full advantage of their resources in the country you are moving to.
Embassies and consulate directories – Want to know the address and contact information of the embassy or consulate you are moving to? has the list and much more!

Safe moving!