How many pros do you need if you are moving in a hurry

When you decide, or must move across the country or overseas, many folks ask me, how many movers will I need to move all my personal belongings especially if you need to move quickly. One of the key factors I tell my clients is, how much stuff you can part with. In other words, what items can you store or just get rid of. This is one of the best times to clean out and get rid of personal belongings, furniture etc. and eliminate unused or unwanted items.

After you have completed your own inventory, you can get a better idea of the personal belongings you will need to move or put in storage. This will save you a lot of time and money too.

The best way to know how many movers you will need to move quickly and to receive a fair price when you move? Make sure your moving company hires or has a reputable moving assessor to go over all your belongings you plan to move. He or she then will take notes and assess the weight, size and any special items that need to move such as a piano or pool table; you will need a 3 to 4-person crew with professional experience to get the job done fast and safely.

Here’s something that you do know because it is nothing but common sense knowledge – the more professional movers you hire, the faster they will get the job done. Ok, that statement may not always be true, but let’s assume for that moment that it is so. But even if your utmost desire is to have the move completed in record quick time, it’s the price you will have to take into consideration as well.

So, more movers will mean less time, but more movers will also mean more money. Ultimately, you will have to strike a reasonable balance between time and money to stay within the happy medium of moving overseas. That’s why it’s so important to have a reputable assessor to take care of this for you.

Carry distance
Also, keep in mind that sometimes the carry distance to the moving truck will come into play too if the price of your move doesn’t include your home distance. And if you are calculating from a timing standpoint due to your “rush move,” include movers that may have to carry boxes and other items of your personal belongings a long way such as 50 feet or so, be sure to add about an hour and a half of the total time you want to have your move completed.

If you have a flight or more of steps to get into your home, your assessor will take this into consideration regarding the entire cost of the move and if you are in a hurry, add about an hour for each flight of stairs.

The best way to move in a hurry, hire a reputable moving company with terrific assessors and don’t ever try to skimp on a cheaper mover that provides only a “one-person” band to try to get the job done. And always purchase moving insurance before you move.

Safe moving