Tips moving golf clubs

In recent blog posts, I have provided tips on how to move a piano, motorcycles and other important items. This week, I’m going to give you tips moving your golf clubs. Hey, they are expensive and need attention when you are moving especially if it’s overseas.

Stiff Arm
Believe it or not, golf clubs can be damaged despite the way they look and feel. Make sure to purchase a Stiff Arm, an adjustable 3-piece telescopic stick that fits in any golf travel bag and will absorb any moving force of impact during the move. You might know it as a golf protection device that eliminates damage during a move.

Tips packing golf clubs
Club heads – The head of your golf clubs are the most important pieces to cover. Purchase head covers at your sporting goods store, they should have plenty to choose from. If not, then wrap them in towels or even use small pillows between each club.
Secure each club – Bubble wrap is one of the best packaging materials to put over each individual golf club. This is one of the best ways to protect each club during transit. Also, use zip ties or something similar to keep each club securely in place in your Stiff Arm.
Soft bag – I would recommending using a soft bag to put all of your bundled clubs together. Use additional bubble wrap, towels or sheets to fill up the bag so that your clubs are secure.
Rattle and roll – Once in the soft bag, rattle the clubs and shake them to be sure they are not moving inside the travel bag.
Close it – Once the clubs are packed, close and zip up the bag and it’s then ready to be packed in your household goods. When your assessor arrives to go over the goods you need moved, make sure to let him or her know that you have golf clubs. They will then pack it in a crate or box that will further protect them during the move.

Use these tips to protect your valuable golf tips so you will be ready to play the game in your new town or city of destination.

Safe moving!