5 Un-Obvious Things to Pack on your Carry-On when Moving Overseas

While Rainier will help with all the planning and coordination of moving overseas, you still may forget some of the simpler things like what to pack for that long flight to your new home. Other than typical items like reading materials, electronics chargers, and all money and forms of ID, there are a few un-obvious essentials you may want to put on your checklist in order to help make the experience enjoyable instead of stressful.

1. Bathrobes
A bathrobe is definitely something you’ll want right when you get off the plane. While all your items are in transit or still in boxes a bath robe works as an extra blanket, towel, or even a wrap to wear around the house, it can be a perfect substitute.  It’s great to pack in your carry-on because it can double as a pillow and makes a great protective layer for your toiletry kits in the case of a spill. If you’re travelling with children, Crazy for Bargains are a must-pack as they can provide a small comfort of home once you arrive in your new one.  If it is summer you may want to check out stores like CrazyforBargains.com since department stores only carry kids robes seasonally.

2. Flip-Flops or slippers
Spending 12 hours in your walking shoes can get extremely uncomfortable, so it’s a good idea to have a lightweight change of shoes. You can find foldable, lightweight travel slippers on Amazon.com that take up a tiny amount of space and add almost no weight to your carry-on.  They’re also great to have when you first get to your new home in case you need to do some cleaning or the weather gets your shoes muddy. You don’t want to start off your new life with mud on the floor!

3. Noise-cancelling headphones
Unless the sounds of airplanes gently soothe you to sleep, you’re going to want to invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Not only can they block out the ambient noises of the plane, but also crying babies and noisy seatmates. You might also find them useful once you’re in your new location. There might be new sounds you may not be used to and keep you up at night during your first week.

4. A change of clothes and miniature toiletries kit
With the combination of the stale airplane air, numerous hours in the same clothes, and less-than-sparkling airport facilities, feeling clean may seem like a far-away luxury.  But a sample size (nonflammable) aerosol or powder dry shampoo (under 3.4 oz) can solve your airplane bed-head, and portable no-rinse bath wipes can leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.  Use a travel toothbrush and bottled water when brushing your teeth on a plane. Packing a lightweight change of clothes can also make a world of difference during your voyage, and lets you view your new surroundings from a fresh perspective.

5. Eye Drops, lotion, and lip balm
Aside from the fact that the air inside airplanes is extremely dry, it’s great to have these items on hand when you get in-country because the environment may be extremely different than the one you left. Staving off dry skin and eyes can do wonders for your comfort level, and having these small items on hand can save hours of searching through boxes just to relieve your dry skin.

You’re about to depart on the trip of your life, so try to make sure the entire experience is one you’ll look back on fondly. Getting there is just another part of your new adventure, and should be no less enjoyable than settling in will be.