Tips on which rooms to begin packing first

Tips on which rooms to begin packing first

You are moving for the first time and packing your belongings by yourself, but you don’t know which room to begin packing first and it seems like a daunting task.

Once you have sorted out and boxed up the storage areas, you should move on to the other less commonly used rooms in your home, such as the guest rooms and the living room. The most essential rooms – the kitchen, the kids’ room (if applicable), the bedroom, and the bathroom – should be packed last, of course.

All your clothes, kitchen items, electronics and pretty much everything else that is not yet into the moving boxes should be packed up in the week before moving day. So, make sure you have enough clothes to last for the next few days, take out the plastic utensils, have your kids each choose one set of toys they want to keep out for the last few days, put aside the items that will get into your box of essentials and pack all the rest of your belongings (do not forget to prepare household appliances and disassemble large furniture pieces, as well). Keep a few extra boxes and bags handy for last-minute packing endeavors.

That way, it will be much easier to pack your belongings and still be able to function for a couple of days before your official move.

Safe moving!